Drywall Skimming blades Spat Smoothing Tool Ideal for painting and Walls tools

Drywall Skimming blades Spat Smoothing Tool Ideal for painting and Walls tools

Tools come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. And even when using more advanced or automatic tools, you will always need to keep hold of your manual tool set to finish small spaces and do touch-ups. The distinction between manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic drywalling is not always very clear.In fact, the K brand drywall skimming spatula is one of the finish drywall tools you need most. K brand drywall skiming spatula feature advanced engineering and the high-quality  #304 stainless steel for superior strength and durability.  The secret is the strong but flexible  stainless steel blade and the precise fulcrum point designed into the hand grip area. This allows the blade to have up to  more contact area with the surface, generating a superior finish,which is used to achieve a professional finish when smoothing and finishing wall-coated drywall compound. K brand drywall skiming spatula are using new PVC material, which touch feeling is better and more durability. Bio engineered handle is comfortable and establishes a perfect fulcrum point for perfect finishing and smoothing.The ergonomic design is comfortable even with extended use and significantly reduces the wrist strain that is common when using other brand drywall skiming spatula.

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Professional Smoothing Blade

Our Professional Smoothing Blades include Good Quality Blade Technology for a superior finish & even blade wear with less fatigue on every job.K brand complete line of Professional Smoothing Blades are designed to deliver a fast, glass-like finish with minimal material waste or sanding for Drywall and Plaster finishing applications. Finish every surface job, no matter how big or small, with multiple sizes and an extendable extension poles.

The most durable blades on the market. These blades will change the way you look at smoothing blades. Made of solid billet aluminum, these bodies will last you for years and the ability to switch out the blades after wear will ensure you have the Tomahawk blades for a very long time. No plastic parts that crack under pressure.

Good Quality Blade Technology:

* Keeps the material on the work surface and off the blade  

* minimizing waste and cleaning

* Rounded edges for perfect smoothing – without build-up

* Precision  Stainless Steel Blade

* Delivers the smoothest finish – virtually eliminating sanding

* Flexes to provide more pressure and finishing area

* Up to 20X more contact area with the surface

* Precise Fulcrum Point

* Designed into the handle grip area

* Ergonomic Design

* Requires less effort than standard knives for less fatigue and greater productivity

* Composite Blade Handles

* Light weight composite for all-day comfort

* Delivers a lighter and warmer experience than other heavy/cold metal designs

* Hard Plastic Case Easy transport and protection of tools

Designed and built using nearly 15 years of input from professional finishers. Our tools are meant for reliable, daily use on the job site. Strong and lightweight extruded aluminum black back, high-quality stainless steel blades. Grip with the blade back or attach one of three extendable  Skimming blade handles--whatever fits your finishing style. Our tools are built for reliable, daily use on the job site.Our finishing tools are developed by professionals for professionals and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. 

Suggested Uses:

Available in more than eight lengths, there’s a K brand skimming blade for every drywall finishing job:  7-inch, 10-inch or 14-Inch blades are often used for bedding and wiping down drywall tape after the tape has been applied by hand or using an automatic taper or banjo. 

When finishing butt joints or slightly wider areas, 16-Inch, 24-Inch or 32-Inch skimming blades are ideal and will get the job faster vs. smaller trowels or finishing knife. 40-Inch or 48-Inch skimming blades are perfect for smoothing larger areas. Typical examples would include when you spray or roll on compound and smooth to a level 5 finish, or when you are covering up textured ceilings and walls.

1: Our  Skimming Blade profile provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip. The design also allows for specialized skimming blade handles to be securely attached with a handle adapter.

2: The blade remains rigid and straight, even at lengths up to 4 feet (48 inches).The adjustment thumb screw enables the skimming blade to be easily adjusted to the optimal angle for any finishing job.

3: The skimming blade handle adapter  is very light weight but offers excellent strength and impact resistance.The handle adapter quickly snaps over the blade housing for a secure connection. To release, simply lift the two quick release tabs.

4: Our Skimming Blade handle fits securely into the handle adapter, ensuring there is no wobble during use. The handle is secured using button snaps.

5: K Brand Skimming Blade handle is manufactured using lightweight but rigid  and aluminum. An easy-to-use twist lock secures the handle at the desired length.

6: Skimming Blade inserts are easily replaced if damaged or worn (sold separately). They slide into the blade housing for a snug fit. This configuration is more cost-effective than replacing the entire skimming blade.

7: Composite end caps prevent drywall compound from accumulating (and drying) inside the skimming blade housing. This allows for easy cleanup!

Reviews from the United States:

Seriously, game changer, the amount of blade on the wall is 15 maybe 25 times more contact than standard mud knives, don’t get me wrong, you still need mud knives for tapping or just to get the mud on the wall, but look out, get out of my way because I can come in behind you and move it where it needs to go faster than you can put it on.

I want to design a pump that can put the mud on the wall easier than a plunger, something I can use my Milwaukee batteries in with a handle that can get it where it needs and then use these, nothing would be faster, easier and lever 5 finished. Thank you G.SB for making my life easier, more professional and with a lot mire time on my hands.

Extra Reach with an Optional Handle Adapter and One of Three Handle Options Manufactured using premium fiberglass, aluminum, and high impact ABS composite, K Brand line of skimming blade handles are extremely lightweight yet robust and rigid - even when fully extended.


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