Straight floor Notched Serrated  Squeegee in Steel Frame

Straight floor Notched Serrated Squeegee in Steel Frame

Floor paint straight tooth/floor paint triangle tooth 2 models are available for selection. The scraper and the extension pole are easy to operate, saving time and effort. As the hammerhead is very lightweight you will feel so comfortable while working with it.

 When choosing the right floor paint scraper for painting, you must go for such blades that are sharp enough to lift paint or tar but not too sharp that will eventually slice the surface. The optimal geometry design of this tool offers comfortable usage with less vibration. That’s why K brand floor paint scraper with teeth is an ideal solution to your problem. Floor Squeegees are very lightweight and easy-to-control while working. 


1. 1aluminum alloy body(600*60*2mm)

2. 1connector

3.  One bracket handle tube

4.  Floor paint straight tooth/triangular tooth

    (choose one or two)600*30*1.2mm

5. M5*15mm screws+4 M5 butterfly nuts each +

    M4*15mm screws +M4 butterfly nut 3 pcs each +

    M6*50mm screw +M6 butterfly nut 3 pcs each

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Item Name
Straight floor Notched Serrated Squeegee in Steel Frame
Item NO
Black handle tube
Aluminum alloy
Aluminum alloy thinckness
Floor Paint Model
Straight tooth/Triangle tooth
Stainless Steel Material
304# Stainless Steel
Floor Paint Size
The scraper and the extension
Easy to operate

Straight floor Notched Serrated  Squeegee in Steel Frame

The Best Squeegee for Epoxy Floor


When the most rely on professional companies, you can save a lot of bucks by installing your epoxy floor coating using the right tools. But, it is hard to choose the best tools for spreading or cleaning epoxy on the floor. A random floor squeegee may not the right tool for it. So, what specialty you should look for in a floor squeegee that will be applied for heavy-duty coating like epoxy?- This guide helps you find the best squeegee for the epoxy floor. Let’s dig into it! Applying heavy coatings on concrete floors, you need the notched squeegees for the best results. Epoxy is a heavy coating, especially the 100% percent solid epoxy. Regular coating tools like rollers is not the right one for applying a dense coating.

It may use the straight squeegees for epoxy but notched ones enhance the ability to hold the thicker coating and dye it to the exact shape you are looking for. Probably you are thinking about the lines that will be left by the notched squeegees. Well, that sounds good to me.We found a few installers who love flipping the straight side for the final stage of epoxy flooring. It helps remove the lines for the betterment. The flat squeegees work best for the thinner coating. Choosing the right option makes the installation easy and efficient for the installer. It also less the contract time and end it with no issues for the clients. So, we recommend the notched squeegees for the most heavier coatings like solid epoxy.

It’s better to know about the process of epoxy flooring before getting the best squeegee for it. The heavy-duty epoxy coating is applied to the hard or concrete floor. It adds the ability to be sturdy, stain-resistant, and smooth to the concrete floor. Thus, epoxy flooring becomes popular day by day. We often see the epoxy flooring in garages, hospitals, schools, or commercial places. It can be a great flooring idea for the homeowners as well.

As an installer, I would recommend this as the best squeegee for spreading rock solid floor covering like epoxy. This one works perfect on  epoxy and probably the right tool for thicker coating on the concrete floor. Some found it great for their garage floor and would recommend the squeegee for any industrial environment.

The notched side of the applicator squeegee is great for spreading epoxy floor resin. For your attention, you can also flip it to use the solid side for removing the materials around. Also, make sure you get the spiked shoes before starting the installation job.The cleaning is a breeze for the tools. You need to dry them first and then place a tool under the squeegee and tear the epoxy from it.

It’s a superior tool for removing water, sand, dust, and debris from my epoxy-coated garage floor. The construction is solid and better than any other floor squeegees. Flip it over to use as a scrapper for dealing with hardened sand and salt remainder. The construction is great and comfortable in the hand. I must say the sturdiest pole of a squeegee I’ve ever used. I would recommend it the perfect notched squeegee for epoxy floor that comes with a heavy-duty steel frame. Its quality notches are the best for spreading epoxy on the concrete floor.


This tool is suitable for epoxy resin floor paint coating. It can move high volume water, liquid, slush, and even dry material and can be connected with extension stick adaptor. This tool is suitable for epoxy resin floor paint coating, which it can move high volume water, liquid, slush, and even dry material and can be connected with extension stick adaptor. For a novice this tool made it very easy for you. The fact that it’s wide and adjustable where others are not is beneficial to the DIYers. Doesn't come with a handle but easy to assemble and will fit any screw type handle.


It’s an applicator squeegee to apply epoxy coatings and urethanes

The squeegee spreads materials and gravel evenly

The dexterity of the rubber blade allows flexibility of the thickness of the components

It ensures sufficient pressure and angles for the job

It is equipped with depth & height for serration

That is a favorite for epoxy flooring, deck coating, and other concrete coatings

It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame with a polymer threaded handle adapter for the longevity

Works well on solid and rough surfaces

No issues with degreasers and petroleum products

Great for epoxy floor, hard to dry areas, grouted tile floors

Easy to operate and so much durable and best for the money

  • MODEL: Spiked Roller – Epoxy Bubble Roller - Epoxy Roller – Self-Levelling – Levelling Cement Roller – Epoxy Tolls. This model is very suitable for small jobs, often used to make corners, benches, tables, laboratory, training and in places where other rolls cannot access. This version of a spiked roller was based on the concept of bringing greater practicality to your work on self-levelling floors, indicated by the quick and easy use of floor applicators, providing excellent final results . Buy it and be surprised, because good tools generate good results!

PS: The applicator squeegee is an efficient method to apply epoxy sealers. This tool is super easy to clean. Don't let anyone tell you anything else. Let the epoxy dry and then use a razor to get under the product and rip the epoxy from the tool.


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