color flakes for floor epoxy painting

color flakes for floor epoxy painting

Item Name: Color Flakes for Epoxy Floor,Epoxy Floor Flakes

Item Number: CF

Brand: G.SB/K

Style: Fliter Chips Flakes

Material: water-based paint

Size: for wall and for floor is different

For wall: 16p/30p/3-6mm

For floor: 1/4in, 1/8in,1/16in

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Item Name: Color Flakes

Item Number: CF

Brand: G.SB/K

Style: Fliter Chips Flakes

Material: water-based paint

Size: for wall and for floor is different

For wall: 16p/30p/3-6mm

For floor: 1/4in, 1/8in,1/16in

Usage: Sprayer on the wall or floor

Feature: environmental and easy coating

Texture: Marble effect

About this item

★ Widely Application: This Paint Flakes can be used home office, for nail foil,resin supplies, building,paintings, crafts, home decoration, furniture,building,interior design and artistic work,christmas decorations.

★ Warm Warning:These Paint Flakes is non-edible, can not be used to decorate cake, ice-cream, drinking or make up, can only be used for decorations.

★ Professional Factory:We are a professional paint tools factory for almost 20 years.Our professional team will be constantly on hand to solve any doubts our customers may have. 

★ Just make sure they are completely submerged in your resin, as since they are lightweight. Its messy so make sure there is no wind or ceiling fan going when using them.

These flakes are perfect! There's a decent amount of them and they are extremely light weight . I use them for my resin pieces and they add a beautiful touch. Works great in Resin. We recommend presiding it in your resin before pouring it into your mold. Less messy!

What is the Key Differences Between Epoxy Coating and Epoxy Paint?

People frequently use the monikers epoxy coating and epoxy paint interchangeably. Since this takes place with regularity, it isn’t out of the realm of opportunity to accept as true with that they are the identical thing. There are a few key variations between the two, however, and you don’t desire to go ahead with both choice earlier than you be aware of them.

The most essential element to account for is the extraordinary degrees of protection. Epoxy coating is extraordinarily durable, and is capable to face up to the abuse of heavy equipment and chemicals. This can be credited to how epoxy is made, which is from a combination comprised of one section polyamine hardener and one phase epoxy resin. Once this combination is positioned on the floor, the chemical response reasons it to cure.

This is the place one of the key variations between the two comes in. Epoxy paint is made of latex acrylic, which ability it dries as a substitute of cures. Many don’t understand how drying and curing are different, as each show up to be the same. After all, on the surface, each have the equal stop result. Drying is a procedure in which water is evaporated, which leaves the strong aspects behind.

With curing, the substances endure a chemical alternate brought about by using oxidization. The elements used to make paint and coating, as properly as their process, is a clue to the lasting energy between the two methods. You can commonly anticipate epoxy paint to chip inside months, whereas a coating that’s desirable maintained can final years. If you work with heavy chemical substances and machinery, epoxy coating is the alternative that will most probable pleasant swimsuit your needs.

If you desire to pick from a couple of colours and ease of application, however, paint will work simply fine. For a task that you layout on DIYing, we propose that you pick out paint. Epoxy coating, however, will fare exceptional if professionally installed. It’s a greater concerned process, however it isn’t for nothing. The coating offers stunning consequences that many argue to be the satisfactory storage floor choice available.


What are the flakes in epoxy floors?

Epoxy colored flakes also referred to as paint chips, decorative flakes, and colored flecks are used to help create beautiful epoxy finishes. They are used in epoxy and resinous floor coatings to give the floor an aesthetic appeal, texture, hide imperfections and help to build up the thickness of the coating applied.

How long does epoxy flake flooring last?

Epoxy floors typically last 10 to 20 years and can last even longer with the proper maintenance and touch-ups. When it finally comes time to replace your floor, there will be no need for removal, and no need to throw away your old flooring.

Are epoxy flake floors slippery?

Epoxy flooring isn't as slippery as it looks and it's easy to add a skid-resistant additive to the topcoat to make the floor very safe, even when wet. Without a nonslip additive, epoxy flooring can become very slippery when wet, especially with oil spills.

Are epoxy floors worth it?

Epoxy flooring protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks. In the long run, this can save you a great deal on cleaning and maintenance costs by eliminating the need to clean carpet or grout. It's also very reasonably priced for the duration and level of protection that it offers.

Is epoxy flooring good for homes?

Because of the fast application there is only a minimal work interruption; Epoxy floors are very easy to maintain. After all, the floors are seamless and liquid-tight and therefore easy to clean, benefiting hygiene; Epoxy floors combine well with underfloor heating.

How do you fix uneven epoxy flakes?

If you do encounter an uneven finish with your epoxy resin, how can go about fixing it? A good rule to follow is to mix a little bit more epoxy than you need, ensuring you cover your surface completely. So, if your epoxy has already cured properly, you will need to sand down the surface and apply a second coat.

Available Decorative Color flake Colors:

color flakes for floor epoxy painting

We have more than 30 different color Combinations.  And we accept custom-made, too. 

Application - Color Flake

Step 1: base paint

Step 2: resin

Step 3: spraying color flake

Step 4: sanding and cleaning

Step 5: top paint

color flakes for floor epoxy painting

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