Paint Rollers, Industrial Rollers & Frames

Industrial Paint Rollers and Frames

High quality Paint Rollers and frames sold in bulk at wholesale prices from G.SB.

G.SB offers the most cost-effective range of industrial paint rollers and roller frames that can be reused or single-use.

Paint Rollers, Industrial Rollers & Frames

Rolling paint? What are you Rolling?

G.SB offers a wide range of industrial paint rollers suitable for every surface, substance and budget. Whether it's enamel, latex dye, paint, varnish, oxy-resin or other sticky adhesives, we have the paint roller covers and paint roller frames you need.

Our industrial paint rollers are available in a short-pile design for a smoother application with less dripping, or a longer-pile design for rough surfaces. Polyester, foam or adhesive paint rollers all have a solvent-resistant phenolic or polypropylene core. Most paint rollers can be reused multiple times, or choose our most affordable paint roller covers for one-time jobs.

Please select your paint roller category above or contact us for more information.

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