When to use a putty knife and paint scraper

A putty knife and a paint scraper may seem similar to a DIYer, but they have distinct uses and features. Professionals, especially those offering Portland house painting services, understand the differences and know when to use each tool. Skilled contractors often have a variety of knives and scrapers for different purposes.

Putty Knife Types and Uses:

- Putty knives come in various edge varieties, including flat, chiseled, straight, and angled.

- Blades can be made of plastic, steel, or brass, with plastic blades being disposable and steel blades lasting longer with proper maintenance.

- Putty knives are used to apply and spread materials, with different widths serving different purposes. Narrow blades are suitable for filling small nail holes, while wide blades are used for larger surfaces like drywall.

Paint Scraper Types and Uses:

- Paint scrapers are often angled and stiff, making them effective at removing old paint. The angled edge helps get under paint more effectively than a straight blade.

- Scrapers come in heavy-duty materials and widths designed for scraping rather than spreading. Slimmer widths are suitable for finer details, while wider blades are useful for removing larger areas of paint.

Handle Construction:

- Full-tang putty knives and scrapers are ideal due to their durability. Full tang means the blade extends all the way into the handle, reducing the likelihood of breakage.

- Comfortable handles are important, especially for tasks like paint scraping that require effort. Cushioned handles reduce stress and fatigue, while a well-contoured handle makes the tool easier to use for extended periods.

When to use a putty knife and paint scraper

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