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Wall Stencils Decor Reusable Film Decorative for Painting, Wall Stencil Pattern (more than 500 desgins)

Items Name: Stencil

Items No.: ST

Brand: G.SB

Style: stencil

Material: Plastic

Size: 27*20.7*0.04cm

Range of Application: Engraved pattern effect

Applied Environment: Interiors&Exteriors Walls

Packing: single blister+paper card

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Wall Stencils for Design and Decor - Large Wall Stencil Patterns

Allover wall stencils are a great alternative to pricey wallpaper or a wall decal. We have more than 1000+ wall stencil pattern designs so that everyone can find large wall stencils for his taste! We offer Modern Geometric Wall Stencils, Floral & Botanical Pattern Stencils, Scandinavian Design Wall Stencils, Nursery & Kids Room Decor Stencils. Paint your walls with wall stencils. Wall stencils are an easy to use, budget friendly, reusable DIY wallpaper and wall decal alternative. With wall stencil templates, you don’t need to be an artist to hand paint your walls just paint, a wall painting stencil and a little some creativity. 

We are dedicated to producing wall, floor, and furniture painting stencils for both professional designers and DIY decorators alike. By infusing our inspiration in the timeless styles of yesteryear along with the latest trends in interior design we make it our duty to offer you a superior product at an affordable price. Therefore making your projects turn out with the most exceptional caliber artistry and finesse.

Our reusable wall stencils are composed of sturdy and high-quality materials making it seamless and efficient to paint walls, decorate furniture, fabric designs, and even floor stenciling with professional grade results. Our interior stencils eliminate the hassle and mess of installation, minimizes cost, and are ideal for apartment and rental living, making it an excellent alternative to wallpaper. 

Therefore by removing the downside of permanent and expensive renovations, it has never been easier to customize your interior. Unleash your creativity with our unique and diverse stencils designs by experimenting with color to transform your “blank canvas” into an inspired space that represents who you are. Possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination so let the creativity flow.

We offer high-grade, reusable stencils for any purpose: 

Wall Stencils, Floor Stencils, Pattern Wall Stencils, Extra-Large Wall Stencils, Tile Stencils, Furniture Stencils, Custom Made Stencils, Business Logo Stencils, etc! We make the largest variety of designs and sizes in the stencil market.Are you looking for more? Contact us to request custom-designed stencils for your next project! Inquiries can be sent to, so please let us know how we can help bring your ideas to life.

DIY, Industrial
30 days
wall stencil
Customized support
Bristle Length
Place of Origin
Brand Name
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Brush Material
ST- wall stencil ceiling stencil decoration painting stencil
can be customized

Items Name: Stencil

Items No.: ST

Brand: G.SB

Style: stencil

Material: Plastic

Size: 27*20.7*0.04cm

Range of Application: Engraved pattern effect

Applied Environment: Interiors&Exteriors Walls

Packing: single blister+paper card

Our sample policy:

Sample order is acceptable. We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers need to pay the sample cost and the courier cost.

Packaging & Delivery

Each piece packed in the double blister with color paper (we design a logo for a client to promote their brand name in the local market).

Port: RongQi

Lead Time:

Quantity(Pieces)1 - 1000>1000
Est. Time(days)40To be negotiated

we are strict with the package and the quality, we promise the customer the best services.

Payment terms:

1. The price above is EXW price. If the order value is over USD6000, it can be same as FOB price.

2. We will offer documents as: invoice, packing list, B/L, CO. If customer needs other certification, we need to charge customer the extra cost.

3. The delivery time will be 30-40 days after receiving deposit.

4. Payment term: 50% deposit, 50% paid upon copy of shipping documents.


About Wall Painting Plastic Stencil:

Easy to operate: the patterns of drawing craft stencils are aligned accurately for better effects; Can be applied with sponge brushes, painting brushes, acrylic paints, air spraying, graffiti spray cans, etc.; It is awesome for you to create mandala pattern on floors, walls, tiles, wood table, cabinets, pillows, blank canvas, gift bags etc.; We are confident that our stencils can bring difference and surprise to you.

Multi function: these pattern design stencils are ideal for crafts and DIY projects that can be applied to DIY your own craft projects such as tiles, floors, tables, cabinet, canvas, furniture, fabrics, metal, art journal, card making, wall art and so on; In addition, your imagination and hands-on ability can be improved by using stencils to paint.

Painting Stencils Material: Stencils for painting on walls are made of high-quality PET material, durable and flexible, and is very easy to clean and reuse. The surface of stencil is smooth, easy to sit on top of surface and to use.

Widely Applied Wall Stencils: Nice variety of flower stencils for wall painting, drawing, artwork, crafts, DIY projects. And you can also use these small stencils for painting on canvas to make peace sign, canvas bag drawing, home decor, furniture decoration with acrylic, chalk or spray-paint.

Unique DIY Gifts:  Wall stencil can be applied to blank canvas bags to making craft for your family and friends as a birthday or holiday gift, and gift DIY by your own hands will be more meaningful.

If you haven't got the stamina for a whole wall a combination of similar stencils can add a bright splash of color. Large stencils make a stunning accent on an empty wall, try them near a sofa or table or even by the skirting board, almost any wall space that needs that extra something will do!

Using laser cut Mylar film and paint; it is easy for even a beginner to produce stencil work of very HIGH QUALITY on Furniture, Walls, Floors, Fabrics, Windows and almost any other flat surface.

Stenciling is fun for the whole family but BEWARE it is very addictive! 

Virtually any paint can be used to stencil with but the two most popular types are Acrylic and Dry-brush Oil.


Always make sure that the surface to be stenciled is clean and properly prepared with no flaking paint.


1. Spray the back of the stencil lightly with spray glue and position the stencil on the chalk line or registration mark.

2. Paint: Dip your brush or sponge into the paint then, wipe off most of it on a piece of kitchen paper. If you use too much paint you will find that it bleeds behind the stencil, giving the pattern very ragged edges.

3. Apply the paint using an up and down stippling motion, start on the outside of each of the stencils cut outs and work your way in towards the middle.

4.  Clean-up: Wash your stencil frequently in hot soapy water, especially when changing color. Don't forget to check for paint on the back of the stencil. To remove oil paint and glue from your stencils and brushes soak them in turpentine for a few minutes.

Wall Stencils for painting are a more affordable alternative to custom walls than wallpaper. You can customize your DIY wall decor with your favorite combination of paint colors and wall stencil patterns. Unlike wallpaper, wall stencils are safe for walls and easy to change! Whether you like modern wall stencils, damask wall stencils or Moroccan bohemian stencils, your home's walls will look fabulous with new pattern and personality! Wall paintings stencils are even easy for beginners! Check out our How to Tutorials and start stenciling your walls today.

G.SB PAINT TOOLS CO.,LTD is an industry leader in designer quality decorative wall stencils, stenciling and decorative painting tools and techniques, educational resources and a leading designer and manufacturer of stencils and related products for professional decorative painters, interior designers and home decorators. 

As  a leading designer and manufacturer of stencils and related products for professional decorative painters, interior designers and home decorators, we seek to empower our customers with the tools they need to infuse their homes and projects with creativity and customization that enhance their lives and environments.

We re-discovered and updated decorative arts stenciling beginning in 2003 and founded G.SB Design Studio in Shunde, Foshan in 2009. Our first catalogue of pre-cut designer stencils was released in 2005. Since that time we have developed many other innovative stenciling looks techniques that have helped to elevate the art of stenciling and broaden opportunities for stencil application on a professional level.  To this day we continue to strive to produce designs and techniques that will inspire a whole new generation to utilize this unique and easy to master, versatile artform. 


What is the best paint to use for stenciling?

Acrylic Paint: Water-based craft acrylic paint comes in many colors, has a good consistency and works well for most smaller stencil projects. You can thin the craft paint with Folk Art Extender to create watercolor or shaded effects.

Latex Wall Paint: For larger wall projects we recommend a good quality latex paint in a flat sheen. If you are just stenciling a feature wall you can save money by just purchasing a sample pot of the paint. They will tint it to any of the hundreds of colors they have available on paint chip displays.

What is best metallic paint for stenciling?

Stenciling with metallic paints creates a dramatic, elegant effect and is great in powder rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and on furniture or fabric. Metallic paints will show best on dark colors: black, charcoal, brown, and deep blue, green, and red all make elegant backgrounds for metallic stencil paints.

Is stenciling hard? How much practice do I need?

Stenciling is an craft that is available to be learned by anyone, even children. Like any other craft, it helps to use the best stencil tools, have some basic stencil instructions, and practice first. The more you practice stenciling the more second nature it will become, as you get a feel for the ideal amount of paint and pressure to use with your stencil brush and roller for perfect results. G.SB recommend practicing at first on scrap practice paper, cardboard, or even an out-of-site wall surface, like the inside of a closet.

Wall stencils create the best trending wall art and floor designs seen everywhere from HGTV to Apartment Therapy! This DIY home decor project is for everyone! Say something sweet by decorating your modern farmhouse bedroom or shabby chic furniture with lovely Lace Stencils. Instead of lace wallpaper, you can easily paint DIY decor with lace designs and lace pattern. Whether you are looking for lace wall stencils for painting, darling doily stencils, or lacy flower stencils, we've got you covered.

Let your walls bloom with our beautiful  stencils, and Stencil designs! Large floral designs are becoming very popular in today's wall decorating, and with our flower stencils it's so easy to be on trend. Large flower stencil creates a stunning accent on a wall above the sofa or bed, and you can even make your own repeat stencil pattern by simply overlapping the flowers and varying your colors.  

Choose from popular Dandelion stencil, Rose stencil, Zinnia stencil, Lotus stencil and more! You can create soft watercolor effects by stenciling flowers with a dense foam roller or stencil brush. Large floral designs look great on painted floors too. Try flower stencils instead of expensive floral wallpaper and save big on your next room makeover. Flower designs work perfectly in a little girls nursery, or for teenager's bedroom decor. 

Wall Stencils vs Wallpaper

There will always be a debate on whether to choose stencils for walls or wallpaper when it comes to decorating an accent wall. We recommend using wall stencils for a three key reasons.

1. Wall stencils are the more affordable alternative to wallpaper. Wallpaper can costs more money when you can get the same look with a reusable wall stencil for cheaper!

2. Wall stencils are completely customizable! Wallpaper companies might offer a few options to choose from when it comes to color and size. When you stencil a wall, you are able to choose colors and sizes that match your existing decor!

3. Removing a stenciled pattern is easier than removing wallpaper and causes zero damage to your wall. All you need is sandpaper to remove a stenciled design. The stenciled pattern will sand right off and you are able to paint right over it.

Stenciled DIY projects are fun and easy, and creating stuff with your own hands happens to be so incredibly rewarding. So why settle for plain, when you can make it fabulous? We spend so much time inside of our homes, let’s make them beautiful. And all it takes to be able to do this is a desire to improve things, to beautify our environment and to strive to live a sustainable life.

With stencils, the door opens to infinite decorative possibilities. And of course you can adorn you walls with color and pattern while bypassing expensive and eco-unfriendly wallpaper! And then comes the best part: a huge sense of accomplishment and the enjoyment of the beautiful fruits of your labor. 

What we enjoy most is providing unique quality products and helping our customers make the best use of them. Our priority is always customer service, we love stencils, we want our customers to be completely happy and confident using them so we bend over backwards to make sure the whole buying experience is backed up with information, advice and support, ultimately to acheive the best possible results, even from a first time stenciller.


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