Quality Plastic Handle Acrylic Finishing Trowels General Polishing Hand Trowel

Quality Plastic Handle Acrylic Finishing Trowels General Polishing Hand Trowel

Black plastic blade finishing trowel glued blade thickness 3 mm suitable for acrylic materials PVC handle and support

The rounded corner design does not damage the wall and is suitable for small area scraping, which it can be covered large areaswith less trowel pressure, and easier on the arm & joints. The trowels have a flexi back design that gives flexibility across the blade width but rigidity along the length.

ABS new raw material plastic handle comfortable grip, non-slip and easy to use, improve work efficiency. The plastic just glides over the surface and brings up the surface to a tight polished finish. The trowel of net weight is only 230g, excellent finish,lightweight to use, and easy to carry.

When you plaster with a solid, standard plastering trowel then you have the stiff blade which helps you flatten and apply theplaster. However, when it comes to the final trowels the thicker steel can create a lot of stress on your joints because there is no movement on the trowel. These particular trowels also take a long time to “break in”.If you haven’t used one yet then I’d definitely recommend you get onto the acrylic plastic trowel, because that is very amazing! I really mean that. These plastic trowels have revolutionised your plastering. They are definitely worth the buy and I’m sure that if you try this trowel then you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s definitely worth having in your arsenal of tools.
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DIY, Industrial
1 year
Trowels Features
Cornered, Pointed
Blade Length
Customized support
Place of Origin

Brand Name
K brand
Model Number
Blade Material
Handle Material
Plastic Handle
Product name
Acrylic Plastic Trowel

Quality Plastic Handle Acrylic Finishing Trowels General Polishing Hand Trowel

We have a wide range K brand plastering trowels. As experts in the field we know what works and are able to offer great value for money by picking the best plastering trowels on the market.Depending on your project and the type of job, there will be a plastering trowel that helps you work efficiently and ensures a perfectly smooth finish.

Our K brand plastering trowels are some of the best in the China paint tools industry and we only supply the highest quality products. Tools for the professional, we carry the entire K brand range for our customers, as they rely on our good quality paint tools.

K brand plastering trowels are often the professional’s preference when it comes to quality tools. Manufactured in China to the highest standard, the ergonomic soft grip handles allow easy handling, making the plastering trowel much more enjoyable to use. The special stainless steel blade is made from good steel making K brand plastering trowels durable and ideal for a wide range of surfaces. Don't let your hard work be ruined with low quality tools, invest in one of our incredible plasting trowels. You'll find the job flies by with our range.

This trowel have made use of dual blade technology to improve the strength and flexibility of the trowel without compromising on blade thickness. At just 0.3 mm, it’s about as thin as you can get but it’s still strong enough for professional plastering jobs. This trowel  have made use of a high performance  grip. It’s the ideal compromise between a soft grip and one that gives you ultimate control over the blade. The overall balance of this trowel is what makes it one of the best finishing trowels you can get. 

The acrylic alloy handle is light but incredibly stable. It gives you all the strength and control you need without adding too much extra weight.The grip itself isn’t replaceable, but it’s got a decent finish on it that makes it easy to hang onto. It’s got a decent girth as well, which helps fight arm fatigue. What makes this one of the best plastering trowels is the weight. It is ultra-light but still very capable.

What is the Best Trowel Size?

We recommend getting a few different sized plastering trowels, purely because the size you need will depend on the task at hand. Check out our huge range, we have a size for every job!


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