Our company, G.SB is not only a producer of paint tools, we also focus on the application of paint tools in the end consumer. We believe that only the applicator appreciate with the real application effect, we are successful. Strong brand equity within our market segments.

We have a sister company who has professional paint application team, where our paint tools could have maximum chances to test in the applicators team.

We know different performance of different paint, we can study your paint and develop most suitable tools for you. Before sending you samples, we will test them with paint first.

If the opportunity is available for your company, G.SB would love your visit to showroom to personally work with you considering product selection and display solutions.

G.SB Paint Tools Co., Ltd.

We maximize the functions of paints by taking full advantage of the overall technology strength of our company in and outside China and through collaboration with the external network. We help solve various social issues based on four keywords: contributing to creating a smart society, reducing environmental impacts, and cutting social costs.

G.SB has its R&D facilities and organizations located collectively in its R&D Center in Foshan, China. Basic technological research is also centralized at the same premises together with both dedicated technical experts and advanced laboratory equipment. The key to providing paint with various functions lies in synthetic polymers. Functions of paint such as low dirt-smearing or water repellency are obtained by polymer designs and syntheses at a molecular level.

Since 2005, we have been committed ourselves to developing a complete in-house production process and to finding innovative solutions according to the latest varnishes application.

Technical Studies of Application
G.SB is involved every day in the analysis of the performance of its products and in the study of the contexts of use. Premise to the design and choice of the tool is to distinguish the type and the end of the application, through three variables: surface, paint and expectations. To solve the equation, the function must be translated into shape: the right paint tools with the right shape allows to carry out a simple and effective job, which qualifies the result to the maximum.

To continue developing proactively in the industry it is important for a business to not just focus on competing for customers for the same range of products, but to instead try to stand out from competitors by offering products with better quality, and better design. All the while keeping in mind this must be achieved with a positive and healthy work environment.

G.SB does not strive to be the leader in every aspect of the industry, but instead focuses on key components like product innovation to make the company stand out.

In 2020, during the epidemic period G.SB continued to develop innovative new product designs, and even increased investment in this area. 5% of the sales of the year were invested into the company to keep expanding on new design and idea development.IN 2022 G.SB plans to increase the investment to 8% of total sales into brand and product development. Through patented product innovation G.SB is dedicated to improving the paint tool industry, and making our brand a top leader in the global market.

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