Can Ordinary Paint Walls be Directly Painted with Latex Paint?

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If the old wall has peeled or has cracks, it is not possible to directly paint with latex paint. First, use professional tools to shovel the wall level, and make sure that there is no floating soil on the wall and the wall is smooth, and then scrape putty;

Paint Roller

Paint Roller

Scraping putty is a kind of white latex that can also be used in the cheeks. Usually it is leveled twice. After the putty is completely dry, it is smoothed with fine sandpaper. If the original wall is latex paint and the foundation strength is good, it can be painted directly after simple roughening and repair.

After the construction of architectural latex paint, as the water evaporates, it quickly forms a film. In the case of good construction environmental conditions, it can be painted multiple times a day, which greatly shortens the construction period and saves construction costs.


Polyvinyl acetate latex paint is generally used for inner walls; all acrylic latex paints can be used for inner and outer walls; vinegar-acrylic latex paints and latex paints based on vinyl acetate and acrylic vinegar copolymer emulsions, and styrene acrylic latex paints are more expensive Acrylic latex paint is cheap and generally used for exterior walls;

These latex paints can also be made into thick build type (such as embossed paint, real stone paint, etc.), which can be used to treat uneven exterior walls with more fillers; all-acrylic latex paint and styrene-acrylic latex paint can be made by adding anti-rust fillers, etc. Metal latex anti-rust primer, used as a primer on steel that has been degreasing and derusting;

Latex paint has excellent adhesion to galvanized steel sheets and is one of the most suitable coatings on galvanized steel sheets that have not undergone conversion treatment.

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