How much do you know about painting?

As a Pattern Roller Manufacturer, I have some information to share with you. Before painting the wall paint, it is necessary to clean the construction area first, if the furniture, electrical appliances, etc. are best moved to other places. If you can't move it, you need to protect the finished product, because, during the construction process, it will inevitably lead to paint falling, which will easily cause pollution and affect the aesthetics of use.

Before the official start of construction, a comprehensive inspection of the wall is required to see if the base is firm and flat. If the paint film is peeled off or cracked on the old wall, it is necessary to first shovel the wall or use plaster to repair the crack. The wall surface is free from dust, debris, and flatness, and then the interface agent is used to paint the wall surface, and the construction should be fine and uniform.

Then you need to level the wall. This process is usually painted twice, but it needs to be determined by the actual situation. After the first coating, it is necessary to dry naturally, then sanding, and finally the second coating. In the construction, it is necessary to pay attention to the consistency of the blade to make the thickness uniform.

Ragging Roller

Ragging Roller

The first is to apply the primer. The purpose of this is to increase the adhesion of the topcoat. After completely drying, the topcoat can be applied. Before painting, you need to match the topcoat to make the color the same, so that the color of the wall can be consistent when painting. However, it should be noted that the Ragging Roller should be kept at the same speed so that the paint surface can be smooth and smooth.

After the wall paint is applied, we still need to check and accept the wall after it has completely dried out. That is to observe whether the wall surface is flawed or cracked, and the color is the same. If problems are found, it needs to be repaired immediately.

The steps of brushing the wall paint are very important. Those who have not brushed must not master the brushing skills. What are the techniques for brushing?

When you first brush the ceiling, you should start with the natural light source and gradually apply it to other places. The stucco wall should be from top to bottom. The distance of the brush should be controlled to a width of two feet. It is also applied to natural light sources. After painting the windows, the paint on the edge of the window should start from the side of the window, and finally the frame of the window. Next, paint the details, such as the panel at the intersection of the wall and the ceiling, and finally, paint the skirting board.

The steps of the painting are still relatively simple. If you want to paint yourself, you still need to master some brushing techniques in advance. The above information about the steps of painting and the related skills of the wall paint, you can refer to the next.

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