G.SB Paint Tools Co., Ltd.

G.SB Paint Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of decorative paint tools, having 16 years experience in researching and developing different decorative paint tools. Besides of decorative paint tools, we are professional purchaser of normal paint tools like fabric rollers, brushes, trowels and masking tapes…

We have the wide range of decorative paint tools which are used for different decorative paint. No matter you are paint factory or wholesalers, you can buy tools from us with nice package with your brand name and logo.

We have the strong R&D ability to develop new tools according to your description and your requesting wall finishing.

Till 2013, our products are sold to more than 50 countries all over the world, and it is increasing positively every year.

Since December of 2013, G.SB becomes one of subsidiaries of GROWTH DECORATION & INVESTMENT CO., LTD. Under the organization of Growth, we will offer more products and service to you, besides of paint

tools. Maybe you can find a new starting point of your business from here.

Welcome to Growth, welcome to G.SB ! We locate in Ronggui region of Shunde city. It is only 5 minutes far from Rongqi sea port, and 60 minutes from Guangzhou Baiyun International airport.

As the main importance of the policy of the company, It is the follow-up to a marketing strategy that involves the search for new production techniques, on the one hand already machined, along with a manual production in response to the warranty that we maintain a high quality in all our products. 

With this philosophy, We ensure continuity and precision in a market in constant evolution without losing the traditional range that characterizes us.This passion that G.SB is reaching ever more targets for demands of its policy, It is what gets our brand to go being recognized and demanded both at national and international level.

In continuous expansion

G.SB through its continuous market research, It collects data which then serve for a proper decision making to develop needs and find solutions by customer. This research helps to implant in areas of sale as specialty paint stores, hardware store, drug stores, Tools stores, factory paint, hypermarkets of DIY, etc

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