How to Paint Brick the Right Way?

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Although brick can add personality and charm to interior decoration, it can also make the room appear darker and more traditional. If the environment around a bare brick wall or fireplace doesn't match your aesthetic or live a better life, there is a simple solution. Once you know how to brush bricks, you can integrate them into the surrounding environment or stand out in a new way. Please continue reading to learn how to paint, which tools to use and how to prepare to ensure your project is successful. The fireplace covered with soot looks much better.

Painting Rubber Roller Set

Painting Rubber Roller Set

Materials and tools:

Steel wire brush

So soap


Paint brush

Roller brush

Stone or latex paint

Latex primer


Painter's tape

Step 1: Prepare building blocks

It is important to thoroughly clean the bricks before painting. Scrub the bricks with a wire brush and soapy water to remove all the flowers (white striped deposits) or dirt. If you can not clean the surface, you can use a mixture of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and water. Be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves when using TSP.

After cleaning the brick, you need to make it completely dry before painting. it is also important to check if any cracks or structural problems that may require redesign or professional assistance. Tape any area you do not intend to paint.

Step 2: Tile

First apply latex primer on the brick. If some areas of the brick are affected by weathering or mildew, multi-layer coating may be required. Make the primer completely dry.

Apply masonry or latex paint to bricks with rollers or brushes. If you want to spray the interior of the fireplace, make sure to use heat resistant paint. ) Spray specialists may find that sprayers are the easiest way, but brushes and rollers for textured surfaces also work well. Make sure to push the paint into small cracks and gaps. If necessary, apply the second layer.

Step 3: Develop creativity through tips and tips

1. Don't paint, consider getting the bricks dirty. This method is most suitable for bricks in good condition and can make the surface texture shiny because the stains will be absorbed into the bricks rather than coated like paint.

2. do not paint damaged or damp bricks. Before spraying, the surface should always be clean, dry and in good condition, otherwise it will cause greater damage.

3. do not use acid cleaner when cleaning bricks before spraying. they will affect the final painting operation.

4. be sure to repair any small cracks in the brick with acrylic sealant before painting. Large cracks or other damage may require professionals.

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