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Trolley Type Electric HVLP Spray gun - To Spray or Not to Spray

Trolley Type Electric HVLP Spray gun - To Spray or Not to Spray

A common question I have been asked lately is should I use a paint sprayer for my project? After using it on our latest project - with great success - our predilection has definitely swung in favour of using a trolley type electric HVLP spray gun. But before you throw your rollers away and rush out and make the investment, here's a summary of the basics and a few key details to help you decide if it will be right for your project.


Why Use a trolley type electric HVLP spray gun?

1.     Using a trolley type electric HVLP spray gun is extremely quick to apply paint, far quicker than using a roller or paint brush. For our last project I applied a coat of paint to the entire house in under an hour on my own!

2.     An even paint coat and consistent finish. When used correctly a paint sprayer will provide you with an even and consistent finish to your paintwork. Although this comes with experience and may be arguable if it is better than traditional techniques when you start out.

3.     Paint sprayers can be used on a wide range of surfaces and finishes. Both on interiors and exteriors, smooth and rough materials - they are adaptable.


When to Use a Paint Sprayer?

Not all projects are suitable for using a paint sprayer and you need to decide if it is best for your job. I am intending to keep using airless spray guns in the future where we are doing a complete house and have time commitments, but I would not do so for every job, here's why.


Small spaces. Use a roller and brush. The additional time for prep may not end up saving you time. Occupied houses. If you're already living in your house, I would recommend sticking to traditional painting. Too much risk damaging existing finishes and time to prep to ensure you contain paint spray, and you would not get the benefits of scale as you would likely be painting one room at a time.


What Paint Sprayer should I Use?

Our experience to date has been with commercial spray guns - units which a professional painter may use. There is a wide range of smaller and cheaper units - which have their place - but I do not consider are suitable for painting an entire house on a quick timeframe. We have found over time with a variety of products you get what you pay for, so my recommendation is to use the real deal and spend a bit extra for quality.


On this project we initially shopped around and hired a cheap unit and while it looked adequate it didn't get through the first coat of paint and had to be returned almost immediately. To hire a professional unit is more expensive but will give you the assurance you need. We used a K brand FB14D-6 trolley type electric HVLP spray gun while we were on The Block and proved to be a fantastic choice.


Why Choose K brand FB14D-6 trolley type electric HVLP spray gun?

Finding the best paint sprayer for you is the key thing. Whether you do a lot of DIY or you are a professional painter and decorator or carpenter, you’ll love paint sprayers for speed and quality. It is very easy to get a professional finish with a paint sprayer. As long as you choose the right sprayer and mix your paint or finish correctly. Powerful paint sprayers can pump thicker paint which provides better coating and dries faster.


K brand FB14D-6 trolley type electric HVLP spray gun is one of the highest-rated paint sprayers on the market for furniture and cabinet makers. It makes short work of getting very professional finishes on any wooden furniture. You do need to mix the paint and take care that the thickness is just right, but after that, you will get a beautiful finish, which it is extremely powerful and gives incredible results. If you’re a cabinet maker looking to take your finishing process to the next level, this is an ideal choice for you!


This is a budget sprayer that does a very good job of most spraying tasks around the home. If you want a spray gun that can paint wood, treat your fence, paint a metal gate and a great deal more, this is a solid choice. It isn’t the best at painting walls as it doesn’t offer quick coverage, but it can be used to paint walls in a pinch.


1600W of power with 800ml high-capacity container. Strong control, Precise control of paint flow, length and shape, creating the smooth and superior finish. High volume, low-pressure sprayers are excellent for paint. They cover a lot of ground quickly, but the overspray tends to be a lot higher too. They work by pushing a large volume of paint through the nozzle but are designed in such a way that they don’t need as much pressure to do this.


K brand FB14D-6 trolley type electric HVLP spray gun is user-friendly, easy assemble and easy spraying. By adjusting the flow knob to control the coating speed and the flow rate of the project size, you can achieve precise paint work.


This spray gun makes DIY paint jobs much more efficient, enjoyable, and produces a quality finish that is difficult to achieve with just a brush or roller. Although we know how to paint, nothing beats using a spray gun to more quickly and uniformly apply paint. With that said, a spray gun at times becomes indispensable or the only option. This sprayer comes with 4 kinds of nozzle diameters to tackle a variety of jobs.


When Shouldn’t I Use a Paint Sprayer?

There isn’t really an occasion where you should choose brushes or rollers over a paint sprayer. It is quicker (after set up), it is easier, and it leaves the best finish. The only occasion where using a paint sprayer rather than another method could result in issues is if you don’t have the correct respirator and coverings for the room you are in.


Without the correct safety gear, we wouldn’t recommend you use a paint sprayer. And you must use good quality dust sheets and secure them in place if you are using a paint sprayer. If you have everything you need, paint sprayer is always a good option.

 Trolley Type Electric HVLP Spray gun - To Spray or Not to Spray


Find out what you need for each task you have assigned yourself, in terms of knowledge, material and tools. Not having everything you need can bring a sudden standstill to your to do list and cause frustration that can be avoided. If you consider “there must be an easier way to do this” you are probably right in that thinking, it maybe you are using the wrong tool or just don’t know how to use the right tool in the right way.


When it came to your painting schedule, the decision to use a spray gun saved your painting time. You only needed to do a coat over the ceiling and some walls, as well as finish off the architraves and skirtings with enamel paint. There is more time in preparation, taping all the windows and removing doors, but easy and quickness of the spray gun makes it all well worth it.


Using a paint sprayer in the right manner can be a walk in the park for people who prepare thoroughly. It can be simple for detail-oriented folks who prioritize suitable protection techniques as well. You should never approach using a paint sprayer in a careless fashion.