K brand Tool box is a must for every paint worker

When you have the best hand tools available to perform your trade, you know that you can complete the task to the highest standard. While you might be experienced and licenced, it is also important that you have access to the right tools at the right time.

 K brand Tool box is a must for every paint worker

If you stock a wide range of hand tools so that you will be spoiled for choice and will not have to compromise on the tools that you need to complete your activities. We believe that every worker engaging in a trade should have the best hand tools available so that they can complete their task effectively with precision.


From rubber rollers to soft pattern roller, plastic handle acrylic finishing trowels to drywall skimming blades spat smoothing tools, and other decoration paint tools in between, a complete toolkit has everything you need to look after your home in one, convenient and money-saving set.


G.SB Paint Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of decorative paint tools, having 18 years experience in researching and developing different decorative paint tools, which it have been carefully designed to operate effectively during operation and they also take into consideration ergonomic requirements. 


If you're a paint worker, having the right tools on hand for DIY painting projects or fast fixes around the house is important. You probably already have some basics, such as a hammer and screwdriver, but if your tool selection is lacking and you have some projects on your to-do list, it might be time to invest in a tool box.

 K brand Tool box is a must for every paint worker

These handy sets come with a range of resources to assist you with household tasks. Furthermore, K brand black aluminum tool box have a sturdy carrying case that holds your tools secure and organised in one place, so you'll never have to rummage through your junk drawer looking for a measuring tape again.


Crafted with modern decoration paint needs in mind, K brand black aluminum tool box have combined design with application functionality to bring you the perfect functional all-rounder. Thick anti-slip pads are used at both ends to increase resistance, increase safety and protect the wall.


Firstly, it is important to talk about what is certainly the tool box biggest selling point. Layered design, tool storage is organized in an orderly manne. There are metal inner handles on both sides of the box for easy access.

 K brand Tool box is a must for every paint worker

Fashionable appearance, simple and generous, can effectively enhance the professional image of craftsmen and salesmen. Reasonable use of space, can store painting tools, color cards, spraying equipment, spray guns, etc.


Product description of black aluminum tool box:

1. Black cube ABS with MDF, aluminum frame, pigskin pattern on the inside

2. Each box is equipped with 4 boxes, the 4 inner boxes have metal inner handles on both sides, and the height of the 4 boxes is 15/10/10/8cm

3. The box has three levels of height adjustment, and the upper and lower places are reinforced with straps to prevent shaking

4. Overall size of the box: 28X40X51cm


Wherever you go. It is convenient to carry and save effort. What are you waiting for? One tool box to solve your problem! K brand black aluminum tool box will be like a suitcase. Atmospheric appearance, saving space.

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