G.SB Real Scene Case | Obsidian in the World, 430㎡ Light Luxury Private Residence in Wuhan

G.SB Real Scene Case | Obsidian in the World, 430㎡ Light Luxury Private Residence in Wuhan

Project Name: The original bank of Wuhan Oct

Design Concept:

If you are looking for a custom paint scheme, this model is the one for yourself. This set features full color wheels and an awesome finish with dark black accents. It is sure to look great on any build from that time period!


Black is the background color of the universe, deep and solemn with a mysterious sexy color. Like Plato's ideal kingdom, pure and filled with infinite fantasy. This is profound, with a profound sense of vicissitudes, like mountains standing between heaven and earth, which it has great strength to it: in darkness or lightness; fire, water — ever changing things have power over all other forces!


The colors are unique but they do not feel foreign. They were chosen by nature for this purpose. In that way I can say about them: 'There was no place else (so far as my knowledge goes) which had an atmosphere more beautiful,' says Diamantius at one time- their beauty lies beneath its surface, so we shouldn't take away from such exquisite majesty what appears above."


The owner and objects, move in a quiet space

Elegant droplight with ancient ways that the sitting room meets the eye gives another kind of strength feeling fully, black wall anaglyph and straight sharp line deduce color structure exquisite. Simple sense sofa deserves to act the role of the advanced feeling that extends to add a space on the vision, fashionable feeling.


With simple feel there is something quite elegant about this couch - you could even say it has been inspired by contemporary designer from Italy Pietro Cavalli who creates very sleek looking chairs for children movies like "It Happened One Night".


We have not seen yet one but if we do find more new books in our list such as Art at Home or Classic Dining Room book cover art then let us know how much better your restaurant experience should be because they too are influenced by these excellent designer ideas.


Story of space begins with a climax, like the roller-coaster plot ofRock red and Black.The owner of a room and the objects in it have a lot to say about the best way to arrange them. The owner often has strong opinions about what should go where, and the objects have their own opinions too. The objects have been in the room for a long time, and they have their favorite spots. The owner listens to the objects, moving the objects around until the room feels quiet and comfortable again.

G.SB Real Scene Case | Obsidian in the World, 430㎡ Light Luxury Private Residence in Wuhan

Quiet and serene, like the thick ink, like the wild night sky, like the mysterious obsidian radiating noble aura. The years shed light, is a painting, is also a poem; The tension of space design reveals the mysterious, noble, sharp and capable side of urban upstart. Restaurant combined with Chinese and Western kitchen, suitable for a variety of use scenarios. Chair of dark gules eat of advanced grace lets living feeling leap however at the moment, strengthened the emotion that the space reveals and artistic feeling.


Everlasting streamer distant and to break through the layers of time shackles; In the conservation of energy field, it witnesses the growth, activity and transformation of space. So that, it can be any object, any place, any time. It can be the sun, the moon, the stars, the sea, the earth, the sky, the people and everything around. It is the life source of the world, the universe, the space, the time, and the objects in it. The slide makes the first floor and the negative first floor more connected, and the large fish tank adds a space for appreciation, private courtyard, leisure and fun, and enjoyable time here.


The space was designed to feel tranquil and quiet, yet at the same time it is also quietly flowing with natural light and plentiful, open-concept space. The modern design of the space is warm, yet also clean and refined, making it feel like home. The open kitchen is an extension of the dining and living areas, making it easy for guests to join the conversation without disrupting the flow of the space. The unique layout and design of the space also means that it can be easily adaptable to any number of guests and activities.

G.SB Real Scene Case | Obsidian in the World, 430㎡ Light Luxury Private Residence in Wuhan

A forever home’s top priority: space and light. We called this renovation ‘from darkness to brightness,’ because that was the most striking change resulting from the project. The light that now comes into home is incredible. Taking ideas from the new model homes they had visited, and envisioned an improved kitchen layout. The plan was to join the kitchen, dining area, and living room to create one great room. They wanted a big island and glass doors to bring in light.


The contractor understood home-owner's vision from the beginning and brought material samples throughout the job for easy selection. He didn’t miss a cue concerning what we liked. The challenge with this project was the time it took—much longer than we expected. Anything and everything, it is very important to get the job done well.


No one ever said painting was easy, but as far as home upgrades go, slapping some new paint colors on a wall is a lot quicker than, say, replacing all the floors. As doable as painting is, though, it’s not always possible. Living in a rented space, time or ability restrictions, and even an unwillingness to spend a weekend learning how to paint a room can keep people from doing a low-cost, high-impact painting upgrade.


If you decide you do want to spread the color love, you can always paint the rest of the trim in your space to match the door frame. For now, though, a door frame can be enough, especially if you know you’ll be moving within the year.  You can even add a little flourish at the top or on the sides if you want a little more character in your mini paint job.

G.SB Real Scene Case | Obsidian in the World, 430㎡ Light Luxury Private Residence in Wuhan

So, you want to paint your house. You know you need to prep the walls first, but you don’t want to pay someone else to do the prep. That’s when most people hire a painting crew. You’ve got a few options: You can hire a painter and his crew, or you can hire a painter and have him bring his paint crew along.


Good paint tools are very necessary. They help you achieve a better finish on your walls, which improves the overall look and feel of a room. The right tools will also make your painting experience go much faster and smoother.


G.SB Paint Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of paint tools, having 18 years- experience in researching and developing different decorative paint tools. Besides of decorative paint tools, we are professional purchaser of normal paint tools like fabric rollers, brushes, trowels and masking tapes…


We have the wide range of decorative paint tools which are used for different decorative paint. No matter you are paint factory or wholesalers, you can buy tools from us with nice package with your brand name and logo. We have the strong R&D ability to develop new tools according to your description and your requesting wall finishing.


Only the finest raw materials are used, without exception. From formulation to production, each step in our production process represents a standard for hand craftsmanship and quality unmatched in the industry. High-quality decoration paint tools are one of the most important art supplies of a decoration paints' trade.


Each paint tools are made from the finest materials, individually hand-crafted from start to finish by makers. Their design and manufacture demands precision, patience and skill. Therefore, you can rest assured that every G.SB decoration paint tool is designed to meet the requirements of discerning artists.

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