How to repair and refurbish wooden furniture?

As a Pattern Roller Manufacturer, share with you. Without changing the original furniture structure, repainting and repairing furniture is undoubtedly the first decoration method people think of. Especially for wooden furniture, consumers have tired of the old wooden texture over the years. If the decoration is renewed, the furniture will be "young" for many years immediately, and the colored paint will make the furniture completely new.

6 ' Pattern Roller

6 "Pattern Roller

So what's the trick when you paint?
1. Sanding: Select the sandpaper with the equivalent type according to the rough and hard surface of the wood; sand the original paint surface of the furniture until the original base of the wood is exposed;
2. Brush the primer: Adjust the consistency of the primer according to the density of the wood. The density of the hardwood is high. The paint can be thinned a little. The wood with softer material needs to be thickened. When painting, apply 6 "Pattern Roller evenly along with the texture of the wood. Do not overly thick. After it is completely dry, sand it with sandpaper until it feels smooth and free of protrusions. Wipe it with a damp soft cloth several times. dry;
3. Brush twice: Cover the first coat of primer, then use sandpaper to lightly and evenly polish in the direction of the paint;
4. Brush the paint three times: take the second coat of primer as the standard. After brushing, use finer sandpaper dipped in water to polish it. Do not force it too hard and polish it evenly;
5. Brush paint: The paint film on the top paint is relatively bright, no waxing or sanding is needed. If you want to make the hand feel smoother, you can hit Bi Lizhu again.
Note: In terms of paint, you should also choose products with the same properties as the original paint on the furniture surface to prevent chemical reactions between the old and new paints, which will cause the furniture surface to wrinkle. In addition, if water-based wood lacquer is applied, the wood itself can easily absorb water and cause instability. Serious problems will cause slight bulging deformation, and oily paint is relatively stable.
Some experts remind consumers that not all furniture is suitable for painting. The surface of the board furniture is often bonded with a layer of melamine board that is difficult to peel off. Painting its surface with poor adhesion. By contrast, solid wood furniture is more suitable for repainting.
Painting Precautions
1. Try not to add water to the dark paint, otherwise, the color difference is easy to occur; it is best to finish the paint at one time, otherwise the color difference is easy to occur.
2. Do not brush the paint in wet weather or winter, otherwise it will affect the overall construction quality and the paint is not easy to dry.
3. Pay attention to the indoor ventilation and heat dissipation, and the paint and coating should be polished after it is completely dry.
4. When the brush is finished and waiting to dry, soak it in water and see if there are air bubbles in the brush. If there are air bubbles, immediately break them.
5. When the brush is dipped in the paint, the part of the bristles immersed in the paint should not exceed half the length of the hair. If the root of the bristles is coated with paint, the paintbrush will deform and the life of the paintbrush will be shortened.
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