2022 The catalog of paint tools

We have revamped our catalogue, and we are proud to present a bigger, bolder, and more exciting offer for your decorating tool needs. Packed full of added value and innovation, we have also worked hard to ensure our products remain competitively priced for today’s market.

We have listened carefully to the feedback and suggestions of our customers to deliver a range that’s well matched to today’s marketplace. The result is a bold new look and product portfolio that we believe is a valuable guide for those looking for an edge… something special for their customers.

New catalogue launches are always exciting. For G.SB it represents an opportunity showcase our leading range of new and best-in-class products. For our re-sellers it represents an opportunity to revitalise their range and thrive in an otherwise complacent market. For end users, projects should become faster and easier than ever before.

2022 The catalog of K brand paint tools

A comprehensive, illustrated catalog with the full spectrum of paint tools supplies, include:

Paint Brushes

Paint Rollers

HVLP Sprayer Gun

For Decorating paint

For  Floor Paint

For  Plaster & Putty

For Emulison Paint 

For  Wood Paint

...And Much More







2022 The catalog of paint tools

2022 The catalog of paint tools

Superior quality brushes, with top-grade brush components, including  solid-round-tapered filaments, rust-resistant steel ferrules and sealed  wood handles. Superior capacity, coverage and finish quality. Exclusive PPG blend of natural nylon, buff and sable polyester provides;high‑capacity and even coverage with all paints and stains, especially acrylics; and latex. Durable and  wear-resistant blend maintains stiffness in all temperatures,and delivers sharp cut-in ability. Stainless steel ferrule, birch hardwood handle.

2022 The catalog of paint tools

2022 The catalog of paint tools

2022 The catalog of paint tools

Blend of nylon and polyester provides excellent paint coverage with all paints.  Water‑resistant blend maintains stiffness in all temperatures and delivers sharp  cut-in ability. Uniquely handcrafted with a dinstinctive semi-oval design and special  technology blended polyester and nylyn filaments that pickup, hold and release  more paint. High-temperature-resistant to maintain a finer tip and firmness.  Oval stainless steel ferrule with epoxy bonding that secures the brush filaments.  Easy to clean. Recommended for both oil & latex paints and stains.

Natural white China bristle provides high-capacity and the smoothest finish.  Fine flagged tips virtually eliminate brushmarks. Recommended for use with  oil-based paints, oil stains. Versatile brushes, provide extra-value without sacrificing good performance.  Engineered for use with PPG Coatings in commercial, industrial and residential  applications. 100% Natural bristle. Manufactured with lacquer wood handles and plated steel ferrules for longer durability. Ideal for use with oil based paints, primers, stains & clear finishes. 100% solid-round-tapered synthetic filament. Hand-formed chisel. Unlacquered wood handle. Stainless steel ferrule. Excellent for use with oil and latex paint especially heavy-bodied waterbornes, acrylics and alkyd-modified latex coatings and primers. 

Selection of Roller covers offering superior capacity, coverage and finish  quality for excellent performance. Thick polypropylene core resists water,  solvents and cracks. Variety of covers available for any type of job. Fabric, blend of 50% lambswool and 50% polyester for 100% performance in flat to satin paints or stains. Wool provides maximum paint capacity and a smooth finish. Polyester reduces matting and adds resiliency. Shed-resistant, white woven fabric provides a virtually lint-free finish. Dense  fibers reduce dripping for neater results. Polypropylene core resists water and  solvents. Ideal for all paints, flat to gloss, and enamels. Polyamide yarn, high-capacity fabric for low spatter application with all flat, eggshell, and satin paints, stains, sizings. Easy loading, very durable. 

2022 The catalog of paint tools

2022 The catalog of paint tools

G.SB, founded in 2003, is committed  to designing and manufacturing the highest  quality paint application products. Focusing  on consumer-driven innovation, G.SB  strives to develop products that make painting  easier, faster and fun. We offers a full  product line of roller covers, brushes, paint  trays, poles, frames, surface prep and edging  tools. Today’s G.SB is committed to re-energizing  the innovation engine and launching a steady  stream of new products specially designed  with the do-it-yourself consumer in mind,  products that make their painting projects  easier, faster, and more fun. All the while,  G.SB will embrace its key retailers’ branding strategies in order to become  better partners in the paint tools.

We’re excited to introduce our latest and most extensive product catalogue yet!

In response to the latest industry advances and the ever-evolving demands of discerning decorators and other trade professionals, our latest collection includes some new expertly developed products designed to make decorating faster, easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Whether it’s painting a home or wallpapering a hotel, at G.SB we have always been passionate about developing tools and supplies that solve common decorating problems and improve the home improvement tasks we all encounter, and we don’t stop at second best. As well as adding many new lines, we have improved several existing lines to further enhance their performance on every use, and wholeheartedly believe that our full product offer combines innovation, quality, and exceptional value.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalogue, don’t worry. G.SB are one of the leading suppliers of custom private label suppliers ensuring your exacting needs can be met without compromise. Get your free copy of our catalogue today!

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