How to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Bristle Brush?

As a Brush for Walls Painting Wholesale, share with you. The brush of bristle hair, smelled close to the nose, can smell a smell of sulfur powder. If the smell is not yet determined, pluck a hair and burn it with a lighter. The bristle hair will become black and gray when it is in the fire, and it will not produce a strong pungent smell when burning.

Bristle Brush

Bristle Brush

Soft pig hair brush

The texture of the pig hair brush is soft, and it can penetrate the gaps of the grooves finely and gently, brush away the dust and smooth the grease and sweat.

It turned out that Bristle Brush is processed like this

After continuous improvement and development, the functions played by the brushes are becoming more and more diversified. Industrial brushes are used in a wide range of applications in almost every industry. The main functions of industrial brushes are polishing, cleaning, dust removal and grinding. Bristle bristles are the main component of industrial bristle brushes. For example, in the textile industry, most of the bristle brush rollers are used for bristle bristles.

Brush specifications

Regardless of black and white bristles, the quality standards of bristles need only have the following quality standards thoroughly, and they can be classified as first-class products. Those who are short of one or two items are slightly worse than second-class products, and those with more than two items are third-class products. White mane quality standards: without yellow-black; less oily hair; other quality standards for black mane. Black mane quality standards: pure black and shiny color; no yellow hair tips: thick and robust hair roots; not too deep; Yuancha hair; not wet; no fleshy skin. Ash and other impurities.

The processing of bristle bristles is performed as follows: the first step is to process the material into a wool shop or mix bristles to classify pig hair according to the color of the hair, and to remove the belly hair, tail hair, mold hair, and sundries; select the selected pig After the hair is fermented with water for 24 hours, the skin is loosened to make the skin slack. After washing the slackened pig hair with water, comb and remove the fluff and dander with an iron comb and dry it.

In the second step, the wool shop is made into a semi-finished product. The wool shop is tied to a small wooden board with a rope and steamed in a pot to straighten the bent strips and increase gloss, remove the filthy, and reach the disinfection and sterilization effect. The third step is to comb the finished products from root to tip in order and place them in order, first long and then short: rub gently with both palms, straighten the head and tail; classify the bristles, and distribute the bristles at all levels according to regulations. Comb the combs well; after the initial inspection and re-inspection, grind the roots, that is, use wooden boards to evenly cut off the raised hairs; pack the products after inspection.

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