How to Change the Color of Wooden Furniture?

Many of the cabinets in the home are actually brand new, but the colors are not satisfactory and I want to repaint them myself. The specific steps are not found online. Do I need to erase the original colors? What kind of paint do I need to buy? This problem may be encountered by many people. As a Pattern Roller Factory, share with you.

Pattern Roller

Pattern Roller

1. Determine if the furniture can be repainted in other colors

With the development of the industry, the furniture boards are no longer limited to logs. Common woodworking boards, fire-resistant boards, and compression-molded boards are common. Among them, fire-resistant boards and compression-molded furniture are not suitable for color changes (mainly color changes) Cumbersome procedures).

2. Preparation before changing paint

If it is log furniture, you can buy some sandpaper and prepare the thickness. If it's not log furniture, buy extra "putty" to level and fill. The selection of paint, because of the different composition of paint, some paints will cause mutual chemical reactions, so you must choose the type of paint that is suitable for your furniture.

3. Polished

Find a cuboid and hold it with your hands. Wrap one of the flatter sides with sandpaper and sand it with your hands. The direction of the polishing plane is: first horizontally and then vertically. When sanding, first go up and down, then go outside and inside. The selection of sandpaper is thick and fine. The corners, shapes and details of the furniture must be used by hand.

4. Preparation before painting

After sanding, check if there is any unevenness in the furniture. If so, use a putty to level it, and sand it again until it is flat. Then protect the furniture around and the floor to prevent paint from contaminating these places. Wipe the furniture with a small, wet towel. Stir the barrel of paint with a small stick evenly. Do not move your hands too fast to prevent splashing.

5. Painting

Dip a little paint with Bristle Brush and apply it to the painted surface of the furniture to see if there is any chemical reaction. If not, proceed to the next step. Then use a brush to pull the paint apart, spread it out, and brush next to each other, not one by one. The paint layer of the paint should not be thin or thick. If it is thick, there will be water ripples or small lumps formed by the unity of the paint. Don't expect to get the effect and color you want the first time. It is recommended to go from inside to outside, no one can see the bad brushes inside, and the bad brushes on the surface make it difficult to read.

6. Painting

After brushing for the first time, let it stand for two or three hours, and then touch the painted surface with the back of your finger to express the feeling of dryness and non-adhesion. Apply it a second time. After the second pass of painting, the paint is completely dried, and the surface is polished with very fine water sandpaper, soaked in water. It is mainly to remove water ripples and paint splashes. And prepare for varnish painting.

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