How to Paint Furniture?

As everyone's quality of life improves, people are paying more and more attention to the environment index and health index of their lives. Regardless of whether you are choosing furniture or decorating a house, choosing high-quality, environmentally friendly paint furniture has become an important part of home decoration. From the wardrobe in the bedroom to the wooden door in the room, every minute we stay at home, we are inextricably connected with the home environment. So what can we create beautiful and environmentally friendly furniture! As a Plastic Soft Pattern Roller Factory, share with you.

Ragging Roller

Ragging Roller

Scrape water-based wood putty to the workpiece in order to get a better feel.

Use coarse to fine sandpaper to polish the workpiece to obtain a smoother surface.

The first pass uses brushing to increase the penetration depth of the wood wax oil, and the construction speed is fast.

Under-coloring the workpiece, you can get the desired color.

The second pass uses the rubbing method, which can save the consumption.

After the second or last pass of surface drying (about 1 hour in summer and about 2 hours in winter), immediately wipe the surface of the workpiece with a clean cotton cloth to obtain a smooth effect.

Increase the number of wipes, and polish with fine sandpaper one by one. The last pass uses a thin wipe + surface dry wipe method to obtain the effect of high-end furniture.


Wall stickers: In order to prevent cracks on the walls, the non-load-bearing walls must be taped.

Wall lining: Wall lining is an alternative product of 821 putty, it is a material that must be used for the base layer of the wall.

Primer: The primer has the effect of preventing moisture and mildew. Be sure to use 9 inch Rubber Roller to brush the primer and then the topcoat.

Color: When choosing the paint color according to the color card of the building materials market, it is best to choose a lighter color than the color card. The actual painting effect is the effect you want.

Spraying: The effect of spraying is better than that of workers, but it is more expensive.

How to apply primer colorant?

Before applying the primer colorant, you must properly prepare and polish the wood, and no additional preparation is required. Mix the primer colorant evenly. Using a clean brush or cloth, apply the colorant evenly along the wood grain and leave it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes; then wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. Let the wood dry for 24 hours, then apply the second layer of colorant as above. To finish the painting, you need to apply two to three layers of solid wax as above. Then use a clean cloth to thoroughly polish each layer of wax.

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