Is it Appropriate to Paint in the Rainy Season?

The decoration of the new house is the most headache is the rainy season, decoration is very troublesome during the rainy season, especially for paint, then, in the end the rainy season is suitable for painting? I don’t know, friends, follow below Let's take a look at Pattern Roller Manufacturer.

Is it suitable for painting in the rainy season?

If you are not in a hurry to live, then it is recommended that you wait for the rainy season to do paint. During the rainy season, the environment will alternate between dry and wet, which will cause the paint project to blush or blisters.

Painting Rubber Roller Set

Painting Rubber Roller Set

A layer of water vapor will condense on the surface of the wood product on rainy days. If you paint at this time, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, making the surface of the wood product turbid. For example, brushing nitro paint on rainy days will cause uneven color; while brushing paint, it will appear white. In addition, although the effect of rainy days on the latex paint on the wall is not too big, but also pay attention to properly extend the drying time of the wall after the first pass. Generally speaking, the normal interval is about two hours, and rainy days can be extended according to weather conditions.

What should I pay attention to when painting in the rainy season?

1. Never paint on rainy days

During the rainy season decoration, do not paint on rainy days, whether it is varnish or nitro paint. A layer of water vapor will condense on the surface of the wooden product in rainy days. At this time, if the paint is painted, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, making the surface of the wooden product cloudy. If you are in a hurry, the painter needs to carry out, you can add a certain amount of white powder to the paint. The white powder absorbs the moisture in the air and can accelerate the drying speed, but it will still have a certain impact on the quality of the project.

2. Painters need to be cautious when using whitened water

In the rainy season, wood painting works will cause the paint surface to form a gray and gray layer, which will affect the look and feel. Many people will use whitening water to eliminate (adding 5% -15% of whitening water in the water), but its use ratio should not exceed 20%, otherwise it will cause the paint to dry slowly and become soft. However, when the indoor humidity is extremely high, if whitening still appears after adding white water, the work should be stopped.

3. Keep the room well ventilated

In rainy days, the air is humid, and all doors and windows should be opened during construction to maintain good ventilation in the room. This is not only beneficial to the health of the construction personnel, but also helps to dry the indoor walls, floors and wood as soon as possible.

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