How do imitation wood grain pattern?

As a Wood Graining Tool Wholesale, share with you how to make imitation wood grain. The steel structure is easy to shape, corrosion-resistant, and has a high fire resistance factor. It has become the building material of choice for many people. In addition, the steel structure itself does not have any decorative properties and wants to increase its aesthetics. Many masters choose to use paint to beautify. Among the most popular are wood grain paints. Wood grain paints can truly imitate the effect of solid wood, which is very suitable for the texture required for the construction of landscape corridors. The steel structure says goodbye to the cold metal surface.

Wood Graining Tool

Wood Graining Tool

So how does the steel structure make the effect of wood grain? Its solid wood grain paint construction is not as complicated as everyone imagines. Generally, it can be divided into three steps to make the wood grain effect. The first step is to spray the wood grain primer on the base material. To be even and smooth, the second step is to brush the wood grain finish. Note that the wood grain finish must be applied with a roller brush. After the finish paint is brushed up, the wood grain effect is manually drawn with a tool. According to the different construction materials, it can be done once or twice. This can make a very perfect wood grain effect.

Speaking of drawing wood grains, many customers have purchased wood materials themselves, although we have already equipped the wood graining tool, usually customers do not use the tools themselves or the incorrect method of using the tools causes the wood grains to not be drawn. I will give you a detailed introduction to our wood graining tool and how to use the tool to pull out the wood grain effect.

To put it simply, you need a wood grain rubber roller, the process is as follows:

1. Putty should be smoothed with Stainless Steel Trowel (the flatter the better).

2. Closed primer.

3. Coloring primer.

4. Grain color paint (pulled by rubber roller).

5. Tinted topcoat.

What is the wood graining tool?

The Wood Graining Tool is also called "wood graining tool" or "Wood Grain Comb". It is a rubber soft tool with gear pattern. Currently, the standard Wood Graining Tool comes in many sizes, 9cm and 14cm, with two different sizes. Different pipe sizes can be flexibly used to make wood grain effects with different textures.

How to use the wood graining tool

In order to make a beautiful wood grain effect, not only a professional wood graining tool is required, but the correct method is also important. Different holding angles and tool holding methods are also important. See how our professional masters operate. .

How about, after learning so many practical construction methods, are you still afraid that you won't learn wood grain paint construction? Any questions or problems regarding the construction of wood grain paint are welcome to leave a message.

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