How to choose the paint brush for wall painting?

Paint brushes are an indispensable tool for wall painting. In wall decoration, the choice of brushes is also an important factor that determines the quality of the painting. Generally speaking, building materials such as this have several sizes and models. What is the appropriate paintbrush size for wall painting?

As a Custom Pattern Roller Leading Supplier, let me first introduce the basics of paint brushes.


Bristle brush: Bristle brush has a large amount of paint, good elasticity, can evenly spit out paint, make the paint surface thickness consistent, it is not easy to leave bristles on the painted surface, durable and so on. Particularly suitable for paints and glues with relatively high concentrations.

Wool brush: The wool brush is soft, smooth, and good in leveling. It can evenly spit out the paint to make the paint surface smooth and consistent in thickness. It is not easy to leave brush marks on the painted surface. It feels smooth and durable during construction. The disadvantage is easy to shed hair.

Roller brushes: Roller brushes are often used when roller coating large-scale coatings in daily building decoration projects; also known as rollers, because of the wide rolling surface range, they are the most labor-saving and time-saving brushes, especially when connected to extension rod After that, you can easily paint high walls or ceilings, but the disadvantage is that paint splashes easily occur, so the hair of the 7 Inch Pattern Roller should not be too short, but it must be thin, so that the paint film will feel delicate

Raw materials for making paint brushes

Handle: The paintbrush has two handles, a plastic handle and a wooden handle. The plastic handle is a one-shot injection molding. The wooden handle is divided into the original wooden handle and the oiled wooden handle.

Main material: paint brushes are made of bristle, wool, and nylon imitation bristle, etc.

Auxiliary materials: Brush materials include horseshoe iron, small nails, and glue.

Uses and scope: It has a wide range of uses, and can be used in FRP, household, shipbuilding, aerospace, food, archeology, etc.

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Paint brush maintenance

1. The furniture after painting and drying should not be placed near the window or door directly under the sun, so as to avoid long-term ultraviolet radiation, which will cause the paint surface to dry and powder.

2. Painted furniture must not be covered with plastic cloth or newspaper for a long time. So as not to make the paint film sticky and tarnished.

3. The furniture stained with dirt can be wiped with a small amount of washing powder or detergent, and then cleaned with water and a cloth.

4, furniture should be avoided with sharp tools, and do not collide with other hard things.

5. It is best not to directly contact the painted surface with boiling water cups and hot rice cookers, and apply pads to avoid burning the paint film.

6. The paint film of furniture should be repaired in time. So as not to swell the wood, causing foaming and peeling.

Uses and scope:

Paint brushes are mainly used for paint, paint, glue, grease.

It has a wide range of uses, such as home improvement, shipbuilding, aerospace, food, archeology.

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