The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

The fine woodworking project won the first gold

The fine woodworking project won the first gold

The 2022 WorldSkills Special Competition will be held in Basel, Switzerland from October 11 to 14 in furniture making, fine woodworking, and woodworking, with more than 40 contestants from 27 countries and regions participating. After 4 days of fierce competition, the Chinese player Shao Rupeng won the gold medal in the fine woodworking project, Li Dexin won the gold medal in the furniture production project, and Wang Zongheng won the woodworking project winner. 

 Among them, Shao Rupeng, a teacher from Shanghai City Science and Technology School, who participated in the competition on behalf of China, won the gold medal in the fine woodworking project of the 2022 WorldSkills Competition Special Competition, which is the first gold medal won by my country in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition Special Competition.

The competition is extremely demanding

Competitors from 16 countries and regions including China, Switzerland, and South Korea participated in the fine woodworking project of this WorldSkills Competition Special Competition. The competition requires the completion of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works according to the equipment and materials provided on site. Competitors complete the preparations for the competition within two days, and complete the rod production, tenon-and-mortise connection, assembly, polishing and assembly of the work within four days and 22 hours.

The project requires extremely strict precision. The contestants use various forms of tenon and mortise joints to connect two or more wooden parts by hand and machine equipment, and the gap at each joint shall not exceed 0.4 mm.

You know, the thickness of a piece of A4 paper is 0.1 mm, and 0.4 mm is the thickness of 4 sheets of A4 paper stacked together. Less than 0.4mm only means that the player can score points in the event, if you want to get full marks, you must limit the size of the gap to within 0.2mm.

How can such a small gap be judged only by the naked eye and a ruler? In fact, during the inspection of the fine woodworking project, the referees will have special props in their hands - paper stuffing (rulers), which are divided into two orders of magnitude: 0.4 mm and 0.2 mm.

During the inspection, the referee will insert a piece of paper (foot) into the gap. Once inserted, the player will be deducted. In addition to the gap size, the judges will also score the tightness and finish of the tenon joints.

In the concept of many people, Lu Ban is the originator of carpentry, and Chinese players should have certain advantages in this project. But in fact, since the grading standards for fine woodworking projects are international standards, and more tests are the ability of drawing production, high-precision restoration, etc., the advantages of ingenuity, creativity, and art in traditional Chinese woodworking may not be fully reflected.

For Chinese players, the most difficult thing is to change their minds and adapt to the grading standards of international competitions. In order to achieve the ultimate precision, players must endure loneliness, practice repeatedly every day, and strive for excellence.

From little carpenter to world champion

Shao Rupeng is a native of Bozhou, Anhui Province. He entered the Shanghai City Science and Technology School in 2018. As soon as he entered the school, he was attracted by the school's creative woodworking club. After being selected by the woodworking society, he put in more effort than others.

He always takes the initiative to help the coach to complete the auxiliary work, and strives for every opportunity to learn from the coach. In the woodworking community, he turned his love into action, produced surprising works, and found his life purpose and value in the field of fine woodworking.

At the end of 2019, Shao Rupeng was selected as the echelon player of the fine woodworking project base of the World Skills Competition. After being officially selected, the training was strict and arduous. During the training, he slowly settled and grew into a seed player.

In May 2020, Shao Rupeng won the first place in the 46th World Skills Competition Fine Woodworking Project Shanghai Selection Competition, and in December of the same year, he participated in the first National Skills Competition Fine Woodworking Project Competition (and National Selection Competition) as a representative of Shanghai players. , won the silver medal.

The so-called three hundred and sixty lines, every line produces the champion. In addition to Shao Rupeng, Li Dexin, a post-00 carpenter from Jiangxi, also told everyone with his superb craftsmanship that a carpenter can also become a world champion.

On the evening of October 15th, good news came from Switzerland that Li Dexin, a player from Jiangxi Province, won the first gold medal in the furniture production project of the 2022 WorldSkills Competition Special Competition on behalf of China. This is the first gold medal won by our delegation, and also the first gold medal in furniture production since our country participated in the WorldSkills Competition.

Speaking of the world champion, Li Dexin, who was born in May 2000, is both a fledgling woodworker and a senior manual woodworking technician. Said he is a fledgling woodworker, Li Dexin majored in furniture art design and graduated from Jiangxi Environmental Engineering Vocational College in July last year.

Said he is a senior handcraft woodworking technician. He won the titles of national technical expert, national youth post expert, and senior manual woodworking technician. After graduation, he returned to his alma mater to teach and represented China in the furniture production of the just-concluded 2022 World Skills Competition Special Competition. The first gold in the project.

Other projects won gold again

On October 16, local time, the results of the 2022 WorldSkills Special Competition CNC car project and CNC milling project were announced. Wu Hongyu and Zhou Chujie from China won the gold medals in these two projects respectively. Chinese contestant Gu Junjie won the gold medal in the Print-media technology project, and Ouyang Wanqing won the graphic design technology project award.

Wu Hongyu won the gold medal of CNC car project

Wu Hongyu won the gold medal of CNC car project

Zhou Chujie won the gold medal in the CNC milling project

Zhou Chujie won the gold medal in the CNC milling project

It is understood that the CNC lathe project and the CNC milling project competition were held in Leonberg, Germany from October 10th to 15th, attracting contestants from 26 countries and regions. Ye Junfeng, Dean of Guangdong Mechanical Technician College, told reporters that the biggest feature of the WorldSkills Competition is that it is in line with production and reality, and the competition topic comes from real corporate tasks. The contestants represent the most advanced technical level in the current industry. Behind the Chinese players' winning the gold medal is the overall growth of China's skill level and China's manufacturing industry.

What is the WorldSkills Competition?

The WorldSkills Competition is the highest-level worldwide vocational skills competition. It is held every two years by the WorldSkills Organization and is known as the "WorldSkills Olympics". It is an important platform for the members of the WorldSkills Organization to display and exchange vocational skills. Its competitive level represents the world's advanced level of today's vocational skills development.

The competition items of the WorldSkills Competition are divided into 6 categories, namely structure and construction technology, creative arts and fashion, information and communication technology, manufacturing and engineering technology, social and personal services, transportation and logistics, with a total of 46 competition items.

The age limit for contestants is 22 for most of the competition events, and the age limit for contestants is 25 for four comprehensive projects requiring work experience, namely, Manufacturing Team Challenge, Mechatronics, Information Network Wiring and Aircraft Maintenance.

What is a special match?

It is reported that the WorldSkills Organization is scheduled to hold the 2022 WorldSkills Special Competition in 15 countries from mid-September to late November this year, with a total of 62 competitions. This event is the official competition of the WorldSkills Competition, as a substitute for the 46th WorldSkills Competition in Shanghai in 2022.

China sent a total of 36 players to Switzerland, Germany, France, Finland, South Korea, Japan and Austria to compete in 34 events. Switzerland hosted a total of 14 competitions this time, which is the country with the most competitions. my country participated in 6 competitions including woodworking, fine woodworking, furniture production, graphic design technology, printing media technology, and electronic technology.

WorldSkills oaths — at the heart of WorldSkills

An integral part of each of the 29 Opening Ceremonies happening this year, Competitors and Experts take an oath to abide by WorldSkills values.

The Competitor and Expert oaths are a tradition at every WorldSkills Competition. For decades, they have been an integral part of the Opening Ceremony, reminding participants of their duties and responsibilities.

However, never have the oaths been read so many times at a world championship as they have for WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition. With skill competitions taking place across 15 countries and regions over 12 weeks, the oaths will be said at 29 events. Typically, the oaths are read at the Opening Ceremony by two to three Competitors and Experts in their native tongue.

Competitors oath

“In the name of all Competitors, I promise to compete fairly, respecting and abiding by the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Competition Rules, and the WorldSkills values – all in the true spirit of WorldSkills.”

Experts oath

“In the name of all Experts, I promise that we will officiate with complete impartiality, respecting and abiding by the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Competition Rules, and the WorldSkills values of integrity, fairness, and transparency – all in the true spirit of WorldSkills.”

At WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, the oath will be pronounced in 35 languages including: Afrikaans, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Bengali, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, isiZulu, Japanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Norwegian, Oshindonga, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu, Thai, and Uzbek.

Learning welding and hairdressing can become a world champion - these young people were left-behind children in the mountains. 

36 gold medals, 29 silver medals, 20 bronze medals, and 58 winners. From 2011 to the present, 179 skilled players in my country have achieved five consecutive times from the 41st to the 45th in the World Skills Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "World Competition").

Most of these young people come from technical colleges and are under the age of 22 at the time of the competition. They are the new generation of "city migrant youth". Welding, hairdressing, printing, CNC lathes... They grew up in their respective fields and continued to polish their skills until they stood on the world-class arena or even on the podium.

In September 2020, in order to understand the career development of the WorldSkills contestants, the Vocational Capacity Building Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security commissioned the WorldSkills Competition China (Guangzhou) Research Center to conduct research on the "Survey on the Career Development of WorldSkills Contestants". Research” (hereinafter referred to as the “Investigation Report”).

172 contestants participated in the questionnaire survey and case interviews. The survey report shows that the overall ability and quality of the contestants in the World Championships have been improved in an all-round way, the career development environment has been greatly improved, and the initial career development has been highly recognized. But at the same time, the follow-up transformation platform for the players is still insufficient, and the incentives and guarantee system measures provided to the players still need to be improved.

"We need to create an atmosphere of concern and respect for skilled workers in the whole society. The contestants of the World Championships are outstanding representatives of young skilled workers. To promote their career development, it is necessary to take policy formulation, platform construction and other measures to allow this group Get more development conditions and opportunities." Chen Lixiang, vice president of China Vocational and Technical Education Society, told reporters.

From young migrant workers, to contestants who have undergone layers of selection, to shining skill stars. After walking the road full of flowers and applause, these young skilled talents come back to life and continue to seek better development.

Skilled stars are mostly from rural areas

Zhao Yubo learned welding, which is a "strong project" in my country. In August 2019, at the 45th World Skills Competition held in Kazan, Russia, this young man from Daliangshan won a gold medal, achieving my country's "three consecutive championships" in welding.

At the time of the competition, Zhao Yubo was only 22 years old, but the years of learning techniques are not short. He is from a small village in Huili County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. He looks black and thin. He has let cattle, dug herbs, and mowed hogweed. The happiest childhood memory is going out with his father who drives a truck. ".

In 2013, he finished junior high school and did not continue to high school, but chose to learn a technology, "it may be easier to find a job in the future". So, he left his hometown and went to Panzhihua Technician College. After persisting for a few years, at the 45th World Championships, he scored 93.53 points in the welding event and won the first place.

Skills change destiny and achieve life

In 2010, China joined the WorldSkills Organization. Since 2011, Zhou Shuchun, a veteran welder who has worked in the front line for 18 years, accepted the letter of appointment from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and became the head coach of the China Welding Program of the WorldSkills Competition. Up to now, he has trained 3 welding champions of the World Skills Competition and 16 national technical experts.

"Competition is just a process, which can lead more young people to learn skills and take the road of becoming talented with skills." Zhou Shuchun told reporters, "They have learned skills, even if they don't participate in competitions or get medals, they can go wherever they go. Technology earns money to eat.”

The survey report shows that the industry type where the contestants are employed also has a strong correlation with the competition category. Among them, 13% believe that the current occupation is very consistent with the expected job, and 52.1% are more consistent. After returning from the arena, the players also gained more opportunities for career development, with skill level promotion accounting for 29.8%, recommended employment accounting for 20.1%, first-in-class promotion accounting for 17.4%, income increase accounting for 13%, and professional title promotion accounting for 10.6%.

"To a certain extent, it shows that the World Games has built a platform for Chinese rural youth to become talents. Because of participating in the World Games, the fate of some rural youth has changed." The survey report stated.

As the world champion of the electrical installation project of the 45th WorldSkills Competition, Xiao Xingxing was less than 20 years old when he participated in the competition. In 2014, this Jiangxi boy who failed the high school entrance examination went to Jiangxi Electronic Information Technician College to study the application of electronic technology. Two years later, he began to contact the World Championships project and was shortlisted for the national training team of the electrical installation project twice.

Zou Bin, the winner of the 43rd World Championships in Masonry Project, did not get a medal, but his achievement was also the "zero breakthrough" of the Chinese team in this project at that time. And his honors now include the post-95s representative of the National People's Congress, the winner of the "May Fourth Medal for Youth in China", the title of "National Technical Expert", and the title of "National Outstanding Migrant Worker".

This Hunan boy was brought up by his grandparents. His parents worked outside all the year round as masons. He dropped out of school before finishing junior high school, left his hometown in Xinhua County, Loudi City, and went to work in the city with fellow villagers.

Later, he won more and more awards and honors. From an ordinary migrant worker, he became the project quality director of a well-known state-owned general contracting company and the team leader of the "Zou Bin Model Worker and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio". To use Zhou Shuchun's words to describe the World Championships, this is "a fate-changing event".

Skilled talents are increasingly valued

In fact, if you ask any World Championship players, they will think about the future and the way out. In the subjective answers of the survey report, most of the contestants have a strong willingness to improve their skills and learn and communicate after working, and look forward to having the opportunity to participate in foreign exchange and learning, or to receive skills improvement training.

When it comes to future development and planning, among the World Championship players who participated in the survey, 55 were engaged in skill competition work, 51 were engaged in technical skills work, and 27 were engaged in teaching work. They want to use their expertise and experience to further participate in the development of new players.

Going a step further is the national coach, expert group member, and expert group leader. For example, Zhao Shubo, now not only has he become the chief welder technician of China 19th Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd., but also accompanied Zhou Shuchun as an assistant coach of the welding project.

Over the past 10 years, the provinces have paid more and more attention to the career development of the World Championship players, and issued many training and incentive policies. The state also gives heavy rewards to the players of the World Championships. Taking the 45th World Championships as an example, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security awarded gold medal winners 300,000 yuan, silver medals 180,000 yuan, and bronze medals 120,000 yuan, and promoted corresponding professional skills. grade.

In 2018, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Implementing the Lifelong Vocational Skills Training System", proposing to "deeply implement the vocational skills improvement plan for migrant workers - the 'Spring Tide Action', to train rural migrant workers and the new generation of migrant workers into high-quality workers. skilled workers".

In 2019, the "National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan" proposed to formulate exam-free admission policies for winners of China Skills Competition, National Vocational College Skills Competition, and World Championships; "Notice on the Admission of WorldSkills Competition Winners" stipulates that all Chinese national team players who have won awards in the WorldSkills Organization sponsored world competition and meet the conditions are eligible to be recommended for further study in colleges and universities. Zou Bin found that there seem to be more and more competitions for migrant workers and skilled workers in recent years, and "the country has paid more and more attention to the cultivation of skilled talents."

The error cannot exceed 1 mm! A certain young man from Zhejiang Province "shaves putty" and becomes a world champion

"It took four days and five modules, successfully completed under the leadership of the expert team, and won the gold medal in Bordeaux, France, which has written a perfect stroke for me in the past five years. I am very grateful to everyone for their encouragement and support!"

At 9:53 a.m. on October 24th, the circle of friends of Ma Hongda, a student of the 16th grade architectural decoration technician class of Zhejiang Construction Technician College, updated this text, and the information shows that the address is France.

The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

The day before, this handsome young man from Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, who was born in 2000, won the 2022 WorldSkills Special Competition plastering and partition system project after four days of fierce competition, and achieved China's gold medal "zero" in this project. breakthrough.

"I am very honored to have the opportunity to represent China and won the gold medal, which is a real honor for the country!" When Qianjiang Evening News and Hourly News contacted Ma Hongda, he said, "I am very excited now," he said. Happy, this achievement is the result of the joint efforts of our project team.”

The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

The error cannot exceed 1mm

The WorldSkills Competition is known as the "WorldSkills Olympics". It is the world's highest-ranking, largest and most influential vocational skills competition. Its competitive level represents the world's advanced level of vocational skills development today.

The 2022 WorldSkills Special is the official WorldSkills competition. The competition was held in 15 countries from mid-September to late November, with a total of 62 competitions. China sent a total of 36 contestants to participate in the 34 competitions.

Among them, the plastering and partition wall system project is through the application of metal frame construction and gypsum board installation technology, as well as the application of technologies such as sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, plastering, decorative line production and installation, and artistic creativity. A competition project to build, improve and decorate the wall system.

How intense is this competition? According to reports, the error cannot exceed 1 mm. The plastering and partition wall system project Ma Hongda participated in this time belongs to the construction industry and is closely related to home improvement and tooling.

According to Ma Hongda, this project is divided into four stages in total, the first module is the assembly of light steel keel and gypsum board. The second stage is plastering, which is often referred to as "scraping white". The third stage is the racing module, which is to add lines, you need to cut it yourself, and compete with many players in speed and technology. The fourth module is the creative module, which is free to play. His idea is the idea that everyone in the coaching team came up with.

Many people think that plastering and partition walls have little technical content, but in the field of competition, technology is very important. Ma Hongda added: "The vertical, horizontal and dimensional errors of this project cannot exceed one millimeter, but for us as players, each shape has a different approach and has different difficulties."

"I never thought that 'scraping putty' would still be on the world stage." Ma Hongda said that when he saw the seniors winning glory for the country again and again in the WorldSkills Competition, he was always excited. This kind of high fighting spirit was deeply inspired. For him, representing the country has become the direction of his continuous efforts.

The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

Five years of sharpening a sword

Plastering and partition system, concrete construction, digital construction, tile veneer... Zhejiang Construction Technician College has a World Skills Competition Training and R&D Center (hereinafter referred to as "World Competition Center"), which is still brightly lit during holidays, and contestants And the coach is always busy on the project.

Mahonda has been studying and training at the World Championship Center for nearly 5 years. During this period, he participated in two training camps.

In the first training camp, he felt that the partition wall requires hands-on ability, and he prefers to assemble, so he wanted to exercise. He did not expect that he won the third place in the national trials of the 45th World Skills Competition, and then entered the training team. went to Kazan.

He watched and learned on the field and felt the atmosphere of the competition. That time, although he didn't play, it was the first time that Ma Hongda truly felt that "being able to play on behalf of China is very bloody! It's very good to be able to exchange skills with people from so many countries."

After returning to China that time, Ma Hongda studied the technology more seriously, "Now, I have won the gold medal in the plastering and partition system project. The sweat is not in vain, and it has not been wasted in the past few years!"

The road to winning the championship is not smooth sailing, but diligence can make up for it. Ma Hongda said that during the final sprint, he encountered the problem of straightening the outer corners of the plastering, that is, after the wall is plastered, the edges and corners should be straight, and the surface should be clean, white and smooth. In order to improve his skills, Ma Hongda completed the fixed work during the day, and he would also train himself at night.

The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

In this competition, Ma Hongda had a small red sachet hanging on his chest, "Given by my coach, Mr. Xu Zhen, this lucky bag contains everyone's blessings and expectations, and they gave me strength." In the face of the results, Mahonda has repeatedly thanked the coach and the team. Behind the members of the national training team is a young coaching team with an average age of 35 years and a total of 18 people.

It is reported that the World Competition Center was established in 2015. At the beginning of its establishment, everyone's understanding of the WorldSkills Competition was almost blank. "Let's do it first!" In order to find out the technical requirements of the WorldSkills competition, the coaches translated the relevant documents of the previous competitions one by one, analyzed various processes, and tried hundreds of tools and equipment. Nowadays, many coaches have become national team coaches by virtue of their professional skills. They laughed and said that this is a "military medal" obtained from their experience.

The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

The secret of the championship: usually training to be hard on yourself

Compared with advanced schools in China, Zhejiang Construction Technician College started late in contacting the World Skills Competition, but it has achieved good results. Now, in the 44th and 45th WorldSkills Competition and the 2022 World Championship Special Tournament, he has won two golds, one silver and one winner. This time, with its solid technology and stable mentality, Ma Hongda won the championship in one fell swoop, setting a new national best result maintained by Zhejiang Construction Technician College.

The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

Ma Hongda told reporters that every plan made by the coaching team can be completed in advance with quality and quantity. In the early training camp, he worked hard with players from other regions. When he encountered something he didn't understand, he would communicate with each other to discuss problems. Only when he competed in training would he make progress. "In the field of technology, sometimes, in the usual training, I will see some movements of other players, work methods or tools used. These will suddenly wake me up, and I will think about how to improve it will be more suitable for me."

The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

Summarizing the successful experience, the post-00s young man shared, "In the face of the competition, you should think calmly and cautiously, communicate with expert translators more, and understand the competition issues thoroughly before you can do things with confidence and courage. To diversify, and to think calmly when you encounter something you can’t do on the field.” Go out for the top spot and win glory for the country - like this post-00 Zhejiang world champion!

Illustration of putty scraping technique, how to scrape putty fast and well? The answer is here!

1. The place where the putty is scraped should be treated, the dust should be cleaned up, the eye-catching places should be removed, and the recesses should be leveled with mortar. The flatness and verticality of the yin and yang angles should meet the requirements, and the surface of the bottom ash should be leveled with wood chasing.

2. Before scraping the putty, if the oil stain on the concrete wall is quite serious, wash it with washing powder water or 10% alkaline water, and then wash it again with clean water. If it is general oil, it can be polished with sandpaper. When the concrete and mortar walls are up to 70% dry, the work can be done directly. If they are already dry, they should be wetted with water.

3. If the water absorption of the wall is relatively fast, then spray it with 1:2 or 1:3 107 glue solution, which can prevent the gypsum greasy powder from losing water too quickly and often chalking.

4. If mixed mortar, lime mortar, and cement mortar are used as the primer for the wall, it is necessary to wait for the bottom ash to dry to 70%. When the surface gypsum plaster is processed, it should be smeared vertically, then calendered and leveled. The thickness of the two times is 2mm. Paper-faced gypsum board walls or concrete walls can be operated by the scraping method. It needs to be scraped twice, and its thickness is about 0.5~1mm.

The Chinese delegation in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition has performed well

Pay attention to the ratio of putty and water in order to stir up a good quality putty mixture. Put an appropriate amount of water in the bucket according to the product ratio table, start pouring an appropriate amount of putty powder, then replace the stirring head with an electric drill, and turn on the power to stir evenly. Before scraping the putty, clean the whole wall with a clean broom and putty knife. This step is very important. If you find that there are cracks or missing corners on the wall, use gypsum powder to repair it, or stick cloth, kraft paper, etc. are all good ways to deal with it.

Before scraping the putty, clean the whole wall with a clean broom and putty knife. This step is very important. If you find that there are cracks or missing corners on the wall, use gypsum powder to repair it, or stick cloth, kraft paper, etc. are all good ways to deal with it. It's time to scrape the putty, and it is very important to scrape the putty quickly and well.

The steps are to scrape the top of the wall, the top of the wall, and finally the bottom of the wall; the technique is to use even force on the wrist, and the direction of the scraper should be oblique as far as possible, so that the excess putty can be collected more cleanly, in the direction of scraping the wall. It is to scrape left and right as far as possible, not up and down. Note that if you encounter raised sand particles or other debris during the putty scraping process, remove them immediately.

Scraping putty method

①Scraping the putty needs to be scraped three times. Remember that the first process must wait until the previous process is dry before brushing the second time, otherwise the wall will fall off.

② The thickness of the putty should be controlled at about 2 mm, too thick or too thin will not meet the standard

③ Special attention should be paid to the details, and the vertical and horizontal parts should be polished with lights, and the processing of the yin and yang corners must meet the requirements, otherwise the finished product will not work well.

④In the construction process, try to avoid the cold wind blowing directly, the surface seems to dry the wall, but in fact, the moisture of the wall is locked in the wall. It will start to evaporate and is prone to "dry cracking".

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