Do you know the Understanding of Paint on Furnishings?

As a Plastic Soft Pattern Roller Factory, show to you. Furnishings are furnished with many different procedures. The concept of the procedure design is to select the ideal paint range, establish the painting process and also the arrangement of associated tools according to the client's requirements and criteria for furnishings products. From the surface area impact requirements of furniture products, we can divide them right into (full-closed result, semi-open effect including full-open effect); at the same time, they can be split into clear impact and also solid color effect.

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6 "Pattern Roller

In the marketplace, we can see that most of the furnishings products, the coating result externally is completely enclosed, transparent and also displayed effect, the selection of coatings made use of is mostly paint, ideal for most furnishings companies repaint finish procedures. Nevertheless, each manufacturing facility made some changes based upon the original process according to the product positioning of the particular business as well as the materials made use of and obtained many different process procedure processes. The following presents different acquired procedure processes.

Process one: one base one side

1. Technical process: white empty polishing → scraping gray → brightening → spraying clear primer → grinding → spraying colored clear surface area.

2. Item positioning: low-end products.

3. Advantages: The process is the most basic as well as the coating cost is the most affordable. In the case of white timber spaces with apparent defects, it is filled with wood-colored water ash, and also the colored transparent surface is splashed with a darker shade, which can much better cover the substratum. The flaws are uniform in shade.

4. Downsides: The item has no permeability, as well as the natural appearance of the wood can not be seen clearly. The entire layer effect is similar to the effect of solid shade paint on MDF. Because the primer is only made once, the product has bad filling up homes and bad sag resistance, and also it is prone to undulations on the surface of the product movie, which considerably influences the total beauty of the product.

Process 2: Two sides and also one side

1. Technological procedure: white empty polishing → scratching gray → brightening → spraying clear guide → grinding → splashing transparent guide → grinding → splashing tinted transparent surface area.

2. Product positioning: low-end.

3. Advantages: The process is relatively basic, the layer expense is low, and also it has far better filling and also droop resistance than the first process.

4. Negative aspects: The leaks in the structure of the product are not great, the layering is not strong, and also the all-natural texture and elegance of the timber can not be well shared. The grinding strength of water ash is huge, as well as the dirt is huge.

5. Recommendations: (1) Modification the wood-colored water ash to "colored water ash"; (2) Adjustment the spraying of the colored transparent topcoat to use color-modifying essential oil to fix the color, lightly grind, and also spray the clear overcoat.

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