How to Choose Paint for New House Decoration?

The paint used for decoration is common, so it is indeed very personal to choose which color to use, but some paint colors are not suitable for home improvement. Today Pattern Roller Factory will take you to understand the decoration knowledge related to paint color.

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To learn how to use colors, you must understand these colors carefully:

The pink color is more romantic than most people think, but too much pink becomes the color of the fierce. Pink is easy to make people feel rough, easy to quarrel, and disputes are frequent.

The deep blue color of the paint: there will be a gloomy feeling in the home, pessimistic;

The color of the paint is yellow: being in a yellow environment for a long time is easy to feel sad and upset;

The paint color of the roof of the house is generally light: the light color makes people feel light, and the dark color makes people feel heavy;

Paint can undoubtedly change the visual experience of a space, maybe it is size or height, and the color will also give the most memorable impression on the mind. Each room has a specific function, and the most important thing for the bathroom is to relax and quiet environment, it is best to make people feel like a spa. The best color is clean white, beige, gray, etc. The color of the ceiling is preferably the same color as the wall, so that the bathroom space can have a greater illusion.

Matching technique three: choose the color according to the use of the room: the use of the room often determines the effect you want to create. The living room should appear bright, relaxed or cozy, and comfortable, while the dining room can use dark colors. The kitchen is always suitable for light colors, but be careful to use warm colors. Corridors and hallways only serve as passageways, so they can be bold. The style of the bedroom is completely determined by the taste of different people.

Choosing according to the orientation: light warm colors facing east are often the safest. South-facing rooms have the longest hours of sunshine, and using cool colors for paint colors often makes people feel more comfortable. The west-facing room is dark and dark. North-facing rooms should be painted in warm colors and lighter in color. Summary: The choice of paint color should consider many factors, pink, dark blue, yellow, green, orange and red should not be used. The above introduction about paint color is here, I hope this article can help everyone.

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