How to Use Wood Graining Tool to Make Wood Grain Model?

As a Wood Graining Tool Wholesale, share with you. Wood grain paint is a kind of paint used in many shopping malls, residential areas, amusement parks and other places today, in order to create a log effect of materials that are not logs, convenient construction, outstanding effect, and relatively low cost, but the general customers need sometimes we need to create a small wood grain paint model in advance, so how can we use wood grain paint to make a beautiful wood grain paint model? Let me explain to everyone.

Wood Graining Tool

Wood Graining Tool


First choose the base material, the general choice of the base material can be high-density board, cement board, gypsum board or steel structure and other materials. It should be noted that the flatter the base material, the better the effect, and the second the high density. The board will have some small bubbles due to the water-based wood grain paint, and it needs to be well grounded.

Use a brush or roller to make a layer of wood grain primer from left to right or from top to bottom. In addition, it is not recommended to add water to the wood grain paint during proofing. If it is not mixed with water, it is not necessary to do a second primer The specifics can be decided according to the actual situation.

Wait for the wood grain primer to dry out, then use a brush to make a layer of wood grain topcoat in the same direction as the wood grain primer, as long as it can cover the wood grain primer.

When the wood grain finish is not dry, use the Wood Graining Tool to pull out the wood grain in the same direction as the wood grain primer and top coat. During the process of pulling the wood grain, you can slightly change the wood grain device Realistic wood grain effect.

After finishing the wood-grain paint, roll a layer of cover on the surface of the wood-grain paint with a roller. The cover can be selected from high-gloss, matt, etc. According to customer requirements, the wood-grain paint model is completed.

Wood Grain Finishing Technique Paint an X on the back of the panel to keep it from warping. Prime your panel with eggshell finish paint. Next coat the panel with a clear glossy acrylic mixed with some burnt umber tint and paint the background to make the wood grain color. 

You will have to play around with how much tint you need. Choose a background color and wood grain tint depending on what wood you are trying to match. Get the acrylic on the panel nice and even, roller marks and lines can take on a wood effect, with darker and lighter spots. 

The coat of acrylic allows the rocker graining tool to slide nicely.  When you are using the wood grain rocker, make sure to pull it in various ways to create multiple effects, you start with rocking and then hold off on the rocking and just do a little bit of back and forth. Each pass should be a little bit different than the previous pass (watch the video). 

Take the wisk broom and pull it back and forth through the grain to add organic wood effect. Let the grain dry a bit then add toner. Using the same tinted material that you used for the grainer, roll a coat over the wood texture and create a layer of darkness. 

And then, brush it with a regular brush to hide any roller textures. You can always add another layer if you want a darker color of wood.


The main thing is to make a model, the more detailed the grain effect is, the better.

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