How to Draw Stripes on the Wall with Patterned Paint Roller?

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Painting Rubber Roller Set

Painting Rubber Roller Set

1. Choose Your Stripe

Before you head to the paint shop, you'll need to choose the look you want to create. Do you desire upright or straight stripes? Are you using 2 shades of the very same color or producing comparison with two really different shades? Will the red stripes are wide or thin, and will they be the same size? Once you have a strategy, you can go grab those gallons of paint.

2. Paint the Entire Wall

Prior to you start, be sure to prime your walls with a Patterned Paint Roller. This will certainly provide a tidy as well as steady surface for your paint to cling onto. Then proceed and also pick one shade as the base as well as paint the entire wall surface or wall surfaces. Bear in mind that if you're using several colors, your base coat ought to be the lightest of all the shades. If necessary, repaint a second coat to ensure your wall shade is bright and also fresh. Hold your horses as well as enable the paint to dry for at least two days.

3. Measure the Wall surface

When your walls are absolutely dry, it's time to place your red stripes. For vertical red stripes, gauge the size of the wall and for horizontal red stripes, measure the elevation. Divide the measurement by the variety of stripes you intend to figure out the width of each. Likewise consider what shades you want to begin and finish with, as this might influence the number of red stripes you paint. If you desire the first and last stripes to be the same shade, make sure to separate by a weird number.

4. Mark Your Stripes

Use the measuring tape and also a pencil to note the placement of your stripes. Currently you'll draw the entire red stripe making use of a degree as a straight edge.

5. Tape the Wall

Begin by taping off the side of the ceiling as well as any kind of woodwork, trim, as well as outlets. Next off, place painter's tape on the pencil line, making sure that the tape gets on the right side of the line so your red stripes are also. Press securely on the tape or secure the edges with a credit card to see to it paint does not get under the tape.

6. Paint Your Stripes

Now, the enjoyable begins. Use a Roller Brush to repaint the red stripes on the wall. Make certain to repaint over the edge of the tape so you have a clean line. Do not ignore that 2nd layer! Apply if required.

7. Eliminate Tape

Very carefully pull the tape off the wall at an angle. Make certain to eliminate the tape prior to the red stripes have fully dried; otherwise you might manage a few of the paint.

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