Wall knurling detailed construction operation

Wall knurling detailed construction operation

When decorating the wall, using the Pattern Roller With Handle for knurling is also very beautiful. The cost of the decoration is not high. In terms of the decoration effect, it is also ideal, but it is necessary to understand the detailed construction of the wall knurling in time.

Beautiful wall knurling decoration, relatively speaking, the decoration price is reasonable, but in terms of construction, it also needs to be carefully understood.

Wall knurling detailed construction operation

The indoor wall paint roller brush can be directly coated with white latex paint, or a color paste can be added to form a colored latex paint, and then applied. After the latex paint is finished, dry (1-2 days) and check the temperature at that time. Then knurling construction.

Pattern Roller

Pattern Roller

Place the Pattern Roller in an adjustable knurled paint and turn the large roll of material to evenly supply the paint and install the selected pattern. Carefully observe the two seams of the pattern cylinder to see which pattern's seams are easy to remember. Wall knurling sets the first seam and sets the other seam as two seams.

The test is carried out on cardboard, and the beginner first looks at the pattern of the cardboard, and the knurling of the wall changes as the pattern changes, and the flower rolls and changes direction.

The familiar person takes out the pattern, slowly rolls it, and then slowly turns the flower roll to judge the inversion and smoothness of the pattern. Wall knurling places the pattern on the knurling box.

Select the apex of the pattern to contact the large roll of material and lift the handle. The first seam pattern can be fixed and the first component line can be completed in the cardboard. Flower point: the identification point of the flower, each structure is the first point before the seam, the rotation mode of the drum to confirm the previous seam, the construction point of the second row. Usually, 3 to 5 rows can be used.

Seam point. After the first seam point is completed, the wall knurls rotate the pattern rolls and uses the second seam point in the configuration. In this manner, the first seam and the second seam are alternately marked as dots during construction. Observe two ways of flowering and see how to look at flowers. Each line of the previous model should be pressed. I have reason to want to achieve these three points. After installing the stick, you can work on the wall.

Detailed wall decoration

Reasonable layout For other fields, reasonable layout and wall decoration are required, so that the overall effect of the decoration can be integrated, and the adjustable decoration can have different layouts. Economical and practical wall decoration, the most efficient place than the use of alignment for the consideration of all aspects of residential decision-making, wall knurling economic ability to distinguish accounts than taking a corner position then normal room temperature rating, wall knurling is more focused on the higher position Ratings are quality levels you must be careful.

The detailed construction operation of the wall knurling can not be ignored so that the decoration can be ideal. We are the Pattern Roller Factory, welcome to come to us.

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