What are the precautions for painting?

Paint is a very commonly used decoration material. Paint can be used to brush walls, furniture, and floors. The application of different types of paint is also different. When choosing paint, you must choose environmentally friendly paint products, because inferior paint does not meet national standards and there are many harmful substances. Today, Plastic Soft Pattern Roller Factory will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of brush painting.

Pattern Roller

Pattern Roller

How to paint?

The paint brand, certificate of qualification, color card and finished product samples should be submitted to the owner before construction, and materials can only be fed after confirmation. The wood surface should first be sanded repeatedly with wood sandpaper to remove wood burrs to smooth the surface, and the glue remaining on the wall joints and other gluing places should be scraped off with a spatula or fine sandpaper. The surface of the wood should be decolorized in advance to make it uniform in color. The surface of metal components should be cleaned of dust, oil stains, welding slag, and rust spots, and painted with anti-rust paint. Before using the Pattern Roller to paint, first clean up the surrounding environment to prevent dust from flying and affecting the quality of the paint. When applying paint, the number of painting passes should be determined according to the design requirements and quality standards. The wood grain must be clear, bright and soft, smooth and free of touch, and the color should be consistent. Vertical, the adjacent surfaces of paint and hardware are pollution-free. The coating project surface has no anti-alkali, bite color, spray dots, brush marks, dripping, splashing, splashing, consistent color, no trachoma, no scratches, decorative lines, color separation lines are straight, doors and windows are clean, and lamps are clean. Light irradiation inspection, no obvious unevenness.

Precautions for painting

1. Try not to add water to the dark paint, otherwise the color difference is easy to occur; it is best to finish the paint at one time, otherwise, the color difference is easy to occur.

2. Do not brush the paint in wet weather or winter, otherwise, it will affect the overall construction quality and the paint is not easy to dry.

3. Pay attention to the indoor ventilation and heat dissipation, and the paint and coating should be polished after it is completely dry.

4. When the brush is finished and waiting to dry, soak it in water and see if there are air bubbles in the brush. If there are air bubbles, immediately break them.

5. When the brush is dipped in the paint, the part of the bristles immersed in the paint should not exceed half the length of the hair. If the root of the bristles is painted with paint, the paintbrush will be deformed and the service life of the paintbrush will be shortened.

6. paintbrushes with paint before brushing must be gently wiped on the inner surface of the container to remove excess paint, so that paint does not drip on the ground.

7. When performing oil opening and horizontal oil operations, the paintbrush should be vertical as much as possible, and the abdomen of the bristles should be applied. When performing oil retouching operations, lay the paintbrush flat and gently brush with the tip of the bristles.

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