Bristle Brush for construction applications

Bristle Brush is a bristle brush made from bristle. Bristle, commonly-known as bristles refers to the bristles that grow on the neck and the spine of pigs, usually above 5cm; bristles are tough, elastic, difficult to deform, resistant to humidity, high temperature, and not affected by cold and heat. Is one of the main raw materials for making brushes. As animal hair, bristles also have antistatic effects and can be used to process antistatic brushes.

Bristle Brush

Bristle Brush

As a Brush For Walls Painting Factory, share with you the construction application.

Bristle brushes are brush products made from bristles and bristles. Bristle has always been one of the main materials for making brushes. It is often processed into paintbrushes. Bristle paint brushes are produced and sold in all brush product series. One of the biggest, the bristle paint brushes produced in China is exported all over the world and is welcomed by the market. This article briefly introduces the application of bristle paintbrushes.

1. Wall joints: 1. Clean the construction surface with a putty knife; 2. Dip the latex with a bristle brush; 3. Apply the latex paint evenly to the construction site; 4. Paste the seam tape; 5. Cut with a putty knife Seam tape; 6. Finally, compact the seam tape with a putty knife.

2. Tile wall brushing construction: 1. Stir the cement slurry; 2. Dip with a brush for brushing; 3. Roll on the base of the wall; 4. Cover the required area evenly.

3. Wall surface treatment: 1. Clean up the original wall surface; 2. Paste seam tape at the gaps on the wall surface; 3. Paste wall cloths; 4. Scrap putty to level the wall surface; 5. Clean the wall surface again; 6 Assisted by strong light, sanding paper; 7, Protective supplies of mask goggles when playing sandpaper.

4. Ceiling construction: 1. Clean up the wall and build a dragon skeleton; 2. Wiring and splicing plasterboard to make the shape; 3. Paste the seam tape to level the putty; 4. Use a wool brush and mini roller brush to paint.

V. Primer painting: 1. Use a special roller brush for primer; 2. Apply evenly; 3. Cooperate with a telescopic rod for high efficiency and quickness; 4. Repair the corners with a wool brush.

6. Topcoat painting: 1. Use high-grade roller brush; 2. Use the telescopic rod to start from the top; 3. Brush the facade again and replace the roller brush with different colors; 4. Use the tray to keep the ground clean; 5. Use a wool brush to hook the corners; 6. Use a mini roller to brush the corners to ensure consistent texture.

7. Wallpaper construction: 1. Clean up the wall; 2. Use a wallpaper table and glue machine to glue the wallpaper; 3. Apply wallpaper to the wall and use tools such as puller, wallpaper brush, flattening roller, etc .; 4. Use Gap roll and flatten roll to handle the gap.

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