What are the selection and use of Roller Brushes?

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Roller coating is a coating technique in which a roller with a coating is rolled over the surface of a product to obtain a coating. It's technical characteristics are: the thickness of the paint film can be adjusted; large-area painting can be continuous; it can be applied under high solids and high viscosity, with low solvent consumption and small pollution; high production efficiency, which is about 15% more effective than brushing. 2 times, the coating quality is good and uniform, no defects such as brush marks, sagging, but the corners need to be repaired. The tool is flexible and lightweight, and easy to operate; different rollers can be used to make a variety of decorative effects.

The main tool of the roll coating operation is Ragging Roller. According to the structure, it can be divided into three categories: European, American, and Swedish. European style uses a straight-through roller brush holder. The roller has a core. The crossbar of the brush frame, the roller rolls around the core, and the axial and radial swaying amount of the roller are formed by the difference between the space inside the roller that holds the core and the radial and axial dimensions of the core. European-style roller wool sleeves generally use sticking and sewing processes. Due to the rise of the hot-melt process, the US-European structure has been used to install straight-through roller brush heads, but the principle has not changed.

Dragging Roller

Dragging Roller

The American roller brush holder is used for the installation of straight-through roller brush heads. The biggest feature of the American structure is the existence of CAGE. Cage is composed of a positive cap, a back cap and a rib connecting the positive back cap. Generally, there are 4-5 ribs. The head of the frame is threaded, and the rear is punctured to fix the cage structure on the crossbar of the roller brush frame. Its axial direction is determined by the difference between the size formed by the nut and the dot and the cage installation size. The amount of radial sway is determined by the difference between the hole diameter and the beam diameter of the roller brush frame is determined. The American roller brush holder is pressed against the inner wall of the roller brush head by the elasticity of the ribs.

Both the Swedish-style roller brush holder and the American-style roller brush holder are used for the installation of straight-through roller brush heads. Compared to the American type, which has no ribs, the rear end of the roller brush holder is restricted to restrict the movement of the back cap. It is used to control the axial sway amount of the drum, and the radial sway amount is controlled in the same way as the American type. The Swedish roller brush holder presses the inner wall of the roller brush head by the elasticity of the positive cap.

The above three roller brush holders can be reused to meet the requirements of environmental protection. After installing a good roller brush holder, the center of gravity of the roller brush holder should be located on the center line of the handle and perpendicular to the beam of the roller brush holder, which can reduce the fatigue of the roller brush operation. All plastic parts should be made of raw materials and have sufficient strength to avoid chipping during transportation and roll brushing operations.

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