What are the Precautions for Using Bristle Brush?

As a Stainless Steel Pattern Roller Factory, share with you. A bristle brush is a brush made of bristles. Bristle, commonly known as pig hair, refers to the bristles grown on the neck and back of the pig, usually more than 5cm; bristles are tough, flexible, not easy to deform, resistant to humidity, high temperature, and are not affected by cold and heat, so they have always been It is one of the main raw materials for making brushes. As animal hair, bristles also have anti-static effects and can be used to process anti-static brushes.

Bristle Brush

Bristle Brush

Many users will lose their hair when they first use it after purchasing a new brush. In fact, because the brush is made of relatively soft and fragile animal hair, the squeeze during transportation will cause a small amount of bristle folds Damaged or broken, the so-called hair loss is only the brush itself attached to this broken hair, broken hair, which is within the allowable range of quality, and it is completely different from the generally considered kind of hair removal. Moreover, before using it for the first time, if you master some brush knowledge and do some simple treatment, basically you will not even get rid of stray hairs and broken hairs.

1. Before using the new brush for the first time, soak the bristles in warm water, and then gently brush the bristles with your fingers, so that the mixed and broken hairs can be removed, which can basically avoid hair loss during use.

2. In the repeated use in the future, the bristles can also be washed in water before use before use. This can prevent the bristles from bifurcation. If it is used for brushing oils and fats, you can first use detergents such as detergent. If it is used for water-based products, use warm water to clean.

3. In order to save costs, some factory users use brushes soaked in acetone-containing solvents after work on the day to prevent the brush from solidifying and hardening with the paint. If this is the case, purchase the brush When brushing, be sure to explain to the manufacturer the use environment, so that the manufacturer can choose the appropriate glue for making the brush, because not all glue can withstand acetone soak. If the glue is not suitable, the brush will be depilated in serious cases. situation.

In addition, pay attention to the following matters:

1. Brushes after cleaning must be dried before storing.

2. Do not touch the high temperature during cleaning and use, otherwise it will seriously affect the use effect and service life.

3. Bristle Brush is harder and wool brush is softer, you can choose accordingly.

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