What is the Effect of Paintbrush Quality on the Performance of Latex Paint and the Countermeasures?

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, using latex paint to decorate houses has become one of today's fashions. Latex paint fully shows its endless charm through different construction tools, making latex paint formulators use various raw materials and technologies to turn imagination into infinite possibilities. In addition to the common roll coating and spraying, the application of latex paint is also a common construction method.

Painting Rubber Roller Set

Painting Rubber Roller Set

At present, there are mainly three types of paintbrushes sold in the Chinese building materials market:

Bristle Brush, usually the most suitable for the coating of solvent-based coatings, especially for the coating and finishing of magnetic paint. Natural bristles are hollow, can absorb 50% of their own weight of water, and swell, soften and bend easily. Therefore, natural bristle brushes are not suitable for the coating of water-based paints.

Wool brush for water-based paint, both for wall paint and wood paint. Due to the small manufacturing investment and simple process of the brush industry, a large number of poor-quality wool brushes flood the market.

Synthetic material brush, made of synthetic material such as nylon or polyester, mostly used for water-based paint. In North America, construction workers generally use high-quality synthetic paint brushes.

Paint brush quality directly affects the performance of latex paint

We have found that there are a lot of shoddy materials in the manufacture of brushes, and the strict techniques that should be achieved in technology, such as: boiling, degreasing, bleaching, and cleaning are not in place; resulting in a considerable part of the paint brush is of poor quality: not only the large amount of calcium in the bristles, Magnesium ions, and contain a lot of acidic substances. Inferior paint brushes have stiff bristles. During the construction process, a large amount of water-soluble high-valent metal ions and hydrogen ions enter the latex paint system, which breaks the balance of the latex paint system, resulting in flocculation of the particles of the main components of the latex paint (such as the electric doublet Layer damage), resulting in coating film particles, which seriously affects the appearance and performance of the paint film. We usually call this phenomenon stagnation brush or sticky brush.

Many ingredients in latex paint can cause brush lag due to the use of inferior brushes.

It should be further pointed out that stagnation is mainly caused by flocculation of the emulsion. At this time, the flocculent polymer sticks the bristles together, resulting in brush stagnation, while other ingredients flocculate. Although there is no polymer adhesion to the bristles, brush stagnation will occur to varying degrees because the main system of latex paint Flocculation has occurred, and the distribution of fillers, etc. will be significantly affected. Therefore, using a low-quality brush to paint latex paint, even if the brush stagnation phenomenon is not very serious, it will lead to uneven film formation, decreased gloss, reduced hiding power, etc., and most of the performance will be impaired.

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