How to Refresh the Room with a Paint Brush?

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Home renovations don't take much time. Just a few buckets of paint and a Pattern Roller, let's "new" the room together!


To update the hardware in your home, use a hard wire brush to remove peeling paint or rust. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and air dry. Suitable for painting, mainly using a metal primer, followed by quick-drying paint or spraying a special anti-rust agent.


The color of the ceiling is best matched with the wall. Pay particular attention to the problem of natural light sources when painting. If the ceiling is rough, use more paint to make up.


First, the surface of the glass must be handled and cleaned. The back of the glass can be painted with a thin layer of glass paint. To avoid paint bubbles and the like, be sure to use the painter's brush.


Although the usual practice is to remove the door before painting the home. But you might as well paint it where you put the door so that you can easily paint every corner of the door.


When we paint white furniture, preparation is above all else. First, remove the removable parts and clean the surface. The type of primer should depend on the wood of the cabinet. After applying the primer, two or three other paints should be applied to ensure that the cabinet can withstand JAL use. You can paint the surface with foam and then use a brush to make the final repair.

Pattern Roller

6 "Pattern Roller


The surface of the paint can be processed into a matte type, which can ensure the adhesion of the paint. Clean the surface with TSP cleaner to remove oil and dust. After drying, you can use a special ceramic primer, and then paint with latex paint or paint. With paint, the drying time will be longer, pay attention to places that are not easy to touch.

Solid wood furniture

If there is paint or dirt on the surface, remove it completely before waxing. When painting, you need to use two layers of special primer, and then apply two layers of latex paint on a roller type, which can make the effect of wood grain.

Wooden floor

Before painting a wooden floor, sand the floor with sandpaper, and then fill the large gaps with wood. Then use the base for paint and latex oil-based paint. When painting, pay attention to leaving your route and not stepping on the paint.


Before painting, wash the walls or repair any cracks and holes. If your house has not been painted before, it will be more convenient to paint it now.

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