How to DIY Paint?

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DIY, seeing this word, it is estimated that most people think that painting is also DIY, and it must be very professional. In fact, it is not as professional as everyone imagines. DIY at home for your own room, and it is not impossible to experience the handsomeness of the decoration master. However, we are not professional people, so we should pay attention to some issues before construction.

First of all, on the unpainted wall, we should find that there are rough and uneven conditions. Venetian Trowel must be smoothed. The requirements are not very high, and it can be slightly flattened. Tip: If there is a kind of gravel that falls on the wall, in this case, you must remove this debris and not leave it on the wall, affecting the painting effect.

Ragging Roller

Ragging Roller

Secondly, it is the key link to painting wall paint. Before painting the wall paint, we must ensure that the wall surface is dry and free from moisture. If you are not assured, let the wall surface dry for about half a month, then clean the wall again, and smooth the stirred paint on the wall evenly. The first pass is completely painted, and it is carried out three times in a cycle, and the painting can be smoothly performed by hand.

Paint application is an important "makeup" process. What are the main points of paint construction? Experts believe that the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Make sure to protect your mouth before painting (such as marble, floor tiles, window sills, kitchen equipment, etc.).

2. Before plastering, check whether there is any crack or empty shell on the original wall brushing layer. If this phenomenon occurs, it must be cut off and repainted.

3. After the screw holes are rust-proofed, use putty to scrape the bone, and the seam openings should be tightly attached.

4. The plastering of the wall must not be less than 3 times, and the oil emulsion paint 3 to 4 times (including the closed primer).

5. Latex paint wall construction should be smooth, with corners vertical and beam angles horizontal.

The phenomenon of paint dripping, sagging, and uneven paint film on the surface of the base layer is called paint dripping. The main reasons are:

(1) The formulated paint is too thin and has poor adhesion, and some paint will flow under the action of gravity.

(2) The paint or spray paint is too thick, and the paint film falls too heavily.

(3) The temperature of the construction environment is too low, and the paint film dries slowly.

(4) The paint contains too much heavy pigment, and some of the paint sags.

(5) The surface of the base layer of the object is uneven, the thickness of the paint film is uneven, the drying speed is different, and the excessively thick parts of the paint film are easy to fall.

(6) Oil, water and other dirt on the surface of the base of the object are incompatible with the paint, which affects the adhesion and causes the paint film to sag.

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