How to Choose Furniture Paint?

The probability of such things as paint is very high now. Not only can you paint the wall but also the furniture, but the paint used is different, and we have to learn how to distinguish. With the development of economy, home life is gradually moving towards modernization. Now, many families choose to apply a layer of paint on the furniture, which will make the furniture look more beautiful and shiny. But now in the market, there are many paint brands, how to choose a suitable paint requires us to purchase carefully. Today, Custom Painting Rubber Roller Exporter will introduce to you which furniture paint is better.

6 Pattern Roller

6 "Pattern Roller

How to buy paint?

1. Look for environmental product signs

Healthy and environmentally friendly products are currently the favorite products of consumers. Faced with various certificates on the counter, how to distinguish healthy and environmentally friendly products. Remind consumers that with the country's standardization of packaging, the packaging of health and environmental protection products has China's environmental protection product certification mark, which is a strict national certification mark. Qualified paint products will have a test report issued by a third-party testing agency, and consumers can request and identify this test report from the merchant.

2. Than transparency

Most domestic excellent paint brands provide product model experience in specialty stores. The high-transparency paint has a beautiful luster and can highlight the natural texture of the wood. It can well modify the wood and make the wood more beautiful and beautiful. And those paint samples with white surfaces must be inferior products.

3. Drawing a model

A good paint has high hardness, good scratch resistance, not easy to scratch, and can play a good role in protecting wood. Consumers can try to use nails or paper to move back and forth on the surface of the sample. Good paints are smooth and undamaged, while paints with low hardness will have obvious fine scratches, which will affect the appearance and life of woodware.

Furniture paint characteristics

No benzene solvent: Inhalation or excessive intake of benzene will seriously affect human health and even cause cancer. The benzene-free solvent product has low taste and low toxicity. Furniture paint uses a brand-new clean odor formula technology to combine better quality raw materials and technological methods to reduce the volatile odor in the paint and effectively realize a healthy home.

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