Drywall Tools: Test, Advice & Recommendations

Anyone looking for tools for drywall construction will find a large number of suppliers. But what do you really need to pay attention to? For some DIYers, it will probably be the price, for others it will be the quality. Both can be important so that the work can be done easily. Drywall tool list Anyone looking for tools. Both can be important, so that the work can then also be done easily.

Drywall Tools: Test, Advice

4 Piece Putty Knife Scrapers GS410S

Drywall Tool List

If you want to buy drywall tools, you should of course have made a list beforehand. The most important tools are then located on it, so that the drywall can be done without any problems. One of these important tools is the cordless screwdriver, which can do quite a lot.


Of course, there are plenty of offers here too, which then promise more than they actually deliver. It is important that the battery has a long service life. Otherwise, the battery has to be constantly charged, which can lead to great frustration.


If you have a lot to do in drywall construction, you should possibly even get a second cordless screwdriver so that no time is wasted here. Another important tool for drywallers is the cutter knife. The panels are cut with this cutter knife or hand jigsaw.

Tools for drywallers in bullet points:

Drywall screws

quick release supports

A good vacuum cleaner

Laser water carts, large and small

Cordless screwdriver bits

plaster putty

Plaster pot, fiberglass tape and spatulas

Hand grinder with grid attachment

These are the most important tools so far, although there are still one or two drywall tools. This is a panel lifter that can make the work much easier. With this panel lifter the panels can be lifted into place more easily. This can be very helpful for larger jobs.


A drywall screwdriver can also be helpful. This screwdriver has the advantage that it is not battery operated. Rather, the screwdriver needs a socket, which means that annoying charging is not necessary. This completes the tool for drywall builders, although quality should always be taken into account. Poor quality tools only hinder the work and then cost more than time.

Drywall Tools: Test, Advice

Tool for drywall spatulas

Of course, spatulas are very important in drywall construction, but what should you pay special attention to here? It is important that the spatulas are available in different sizes. Because a lot has to be filled and often not just once. It is therefore worth purchasing as a tool for drywallers, although a spatula is not enough.

It is definitely worth using a large spatula and several small spatulas of different sizes. Because it usually has to be filled several times, which is then done with different joint fillers. Thus, the spatula is one of the tools for drywallers, which is even very important.

Drywall Machines

As mentioned above, an important tool for drywallers is the cordless screwdriver or drywall screwdriver. Without this important tool, the panels cannot be screwed on properly or everything has to be done by hand. Therefore, the screwdriver should always be of high quality. This applies to the cordless screwdriver or the battery.


If electricity is available, then a drywall screwdriver is definitely a recommended tool for drywallers. This means that you don't have to buy a second cordless screwdriver to work without interruption. A vacuum cleaner is also included so that the construction site is always clean. A vacuum cleaner with a lot of power should be used here, although there are also special construction site vacuums. A rented vacuum cleaner can also do its work as a tool for drywallers.


Especially if it is a one-off construction site, the purchase is probably not worthwhile. Otherwise, a very good household vacuum cleaner could also do a good job here, which of course is linked to the suction power. A spirit level is just as important as the panels are really straight afterwards. Therefore, the spirit level must not be missing and is part of the tool for drywallers. If the wall is not straight, the panels can lift and buckle.


Nobody wants that, which can be avoided with the spirit level and the laser spirit level. Another important drywall tool is the grid sander and sander. For smaller areas, the hand grinder with a grid is sufficient, because this is the fastest way. Larger areas could also be sanded off in this way, but of course that takes a correspondingly long time.


A grinding machine is worthwhile here, but it should only be used with respiratory protection. Because when sanding, there is a lot of dust and nobody wants to breathe that in. A magazine screwdriver and the associated magazine screws can also be a good tool for drywallers. This screwdriver is always worthwhile when a lot is done in the drywall.


The screws don't have to be tightened-individually, the machine does everything in one. In addition, no more individual screws fall through the area. However, this machine is only worthwhile if the tool for drywall construction is then used more frequently.

Drywall Tool Box

There is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to buy tools for drywall construction. Because there are tool cases for dry construction, which then already contain the most important tools. So there are spatulas included, as well as a hand grinder and a jigsaw with a trident.


The case also contains sanding grids in different designs. If you have to buy tools for drywall construction, you should look around for such a tool case. This can sometimes be cheaper than buying these small parts individually. A price comparison can also be helpful here in order to find a good cheap offer.


This tool case has another advantage. Because this way, every tool for drywallers is stored well and can be used again at any time. It is just as important in this case whether the quality of the tools is good. Here you should definitely pay attention to high-quality tools.


With the right tool for drywall construction, the drywall can then be done without any problems. One or the other tools can also be rented. Especially when it comes to a less needed tool. So even do-it-yourselfers can always do the drywall well.

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