How to find a good paint tools manufacturer in China (The Definitive Guide)

China has become the largest economic door in the world. Importing stuff from China has proven a successful tactic for many businesses. Products like clothing, electronics, furniture, paint, paint brushes, and paint roller made in China are very popular worldwide.


Finding a suitable supplier can be very tricky. Many importers choose their suppliers from a sample shown at a trade show. This is not a good idea. And you are better run a background check on your supplier. If he claims to own a factory then you should pay a visit. Get some customer references too.


Once you have selected your supplier, request a Proforma Invoice P/I for your purchases. Remember that your P/I must show the weight and the packed dimensions. Be aware of the traps. If vendors insist on more favorable terms, then you might reconsider.


Don’t leave anything for future. Make sure top make your payments methods clear before you import. The most common payment method is T/T that is Bank Transfer. The standard terms are 30% deposit before purchasing and the remaining 70% is paid after the supplier fax the bill to the importer.


You are going to evaluate suppliers, review products, and negotiate contacts, and assess any supplier on the basis or quality, price, and speed of delivery when it comes to products and services. Interview any kind of vendor and pay a visit to the distribution centers and plants of any supplier to learn about and examine products, prices, and services, work hard to make contacts with any sort of supplier.


We are possibly to stumble upon a variety of manufacturers in our everyday lifestyles like Nike, Coco-Cola, KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks, Olay, Huawei...etc. Almost covers the whole lot from what we devour to what we wear.


We can effortlessly get admission to specific manufacturers and revel in their carrier when they simply match our needs. For instance, we are hungry and we can order McDonald's or KFC due to the fact the hamburgers style very good.


Why do we will keep in mind these names? Actually, they without a doubt characterize the manufacturers and the pleasant of their merchandise and offerings in the thinking of their customers. The manufacturer created by way of you will be remembered by way of the consumer if you provide superb merchandise and services.


As a count of fact, branding works for your commercial enterprise as soon as you obtain credibility and have confidence amongst customers. Your commercial enterprise can be effortlessly promoted with the aid of branding.


How can you create a manufacturer to begin your on-line business? We dive into this subject matter and provide you the nice pointers to create a profitable company online. Let’s get started.

How to find a good paint tools manufacturer in China (The Definitive Guide)

1. Use the Internet to prepare and start market research

When you decide to start an online business, first prepare and conduct market research. You have to prepare and do a few things to build a solid foundation for your brand. When you prepare your business, you know yourself.


This means you must understand your SWOT, your skills and qualifications, passions, interests, core values, and more. Figure out who you are and what your passions are. Also, you need to understand the market. You must understand the market of the industry, the major players in the industry in the market, the business performance of competitors and their difficulties, and the feedback of competitors' customers on their products or services.


Get all this information and determine your business position in the market. This is essential to prepare and understand the market, then understand your brand's market positioning among various competitors and do a competitive analysis.


2. Determine the Target Customer

When you do the market search, you get to know the demand which part of the market still hasn’t met. And you can segment it and choose these people as your target customer. Remember your business can’t be everything to everyone.


Make it specific and think who you are trying to reach. You are allowed to create your perfect customer profile including their age, gender, location, income, education level, motivation, goals, pain points, influencers. Draft the right buyer persona, and then get to know the commons of your target customer and what you can do for them. Get to know difficulty your perfect customers are facing, figure out your business can help them out.


For instance, an online fitness trainer would likely to start a workout course for teenagers. They figure out their customers are ranging from 10 to 18. They are anxious about developmental overweight and a lack of confidence to change the situation. The trainer will share free workout course, eating recipes online for their targeted customers.

3. Identify Market Positioning

At this part, you have to position your brand on the market. This means that you have to zero in on the established market with a unique idea and value to fit the needs of your target customers. It may include the choices about who are your target customers, how you want to feel about you, and how you will reach these people, etc. It seems complicated, but you can break down it and make it.


You need to identify the opportunities in the market for your target customers. You are allowed to analyze your market research, and figure out the best tips to fill the gaps of needs which haven’t been met by established brands or niches that people may get interested in. To find the answers combining extensive market research and the business idea. Or you can refer to the customers’ feedback of your competitor to find out the USP of your business.


When positioning your brand, you have to figure out the answers to below questions:

1: What can you bring to your target customers? what are the benefits of the customer?

2: Is your product or service unique on the market?

3: What’s the difference between your products or services and that of your competitors?

4: What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?


4. Create Visual Identity

You will find tangible elements of a brand including the logo, tagline, slogan, images, etc. These elements will determine how the brand is perceived visually. It is the first impression on the customers and an everlasting consumer association. Powerful brand identity will deliver as much info about the brand as possible in less than a second.


To create a brand identity, you have to determine your brand name first of all. Your brand personality, actions, and values will give your name meaning in the market. It will affect your logo, website domain, marketing, trademark, etc.


Ideally, take your business scope in the industry into account and figure out a unique and broad name that is hard for others to imitate. Besides, you have to check it online as the brand name is closely tied to your domain.


Actually, there are a number of ways for you to create a brand name. You can make it by using the founders’ name, making up a word like Google, or reframing an unrelated word, or using a suggestive word or metaphor, or using the initials, or combining two words like Facebook.


Your brand logo is the key elements of your brand identity. As the most recognizable part of your brand, it will appear on everything related to your business. It should be the first thing coming into consumers’ eyes and their minds.


As a result, remember to create a unique, exceptional logo to deliver what you do and who you are. You can design it by yourself with different circular or organic shapes or geometric shapes, different color, fonts and typography based on your brand values and personality. Try to make it clear and simple enough to be identified in small size.

A slogan is an important asset of your business. A good slogan is a brief and memorable phrase or sentence that delivers the most important info you want to tell your customers about your products or services. It is also a key item that helps you differentiate your brand in the market and make your customers feel happy and positive about your business when you are marketing.


Try to create a good slogan. Make it short, memorable, and penetrating that can easily touch people. You can also deliver your business benefits that will bring to customers and highlight your business values in this short message. Once you decide it, it will be shown in all your marketing and advertising with your logo.


There should be a platform for you to express your brand. You can start with a website. You can create your website with your business partners to deliver your business goal. Try to create valuable content for your target audience and drive traffic on the website.


When you start to create your website, remember to make it friendly for mobile users given the rising number of mobile users. This is to attract mobile users to increase more sales. To create a brand, the most important thing is to have products, and purchasing from China at a good price and quality is the most important part of brand building.

How to find a good paint tools manufacturer in China (The Definitive Guide)

Once you are successful in finding that paint tools that fit the desired criteria, select two or three from there that you think to have enough knowledge about them. For example, if you are good at painting and paint tools, you should wisely invest in seeds and related products rather than investing elsewhere. You just have to find a product that people want the most rather than being competitive with the existing markets because it will give you nothing but a wastage of your money.


Every day, these Chinese groups acquire so many emails and messages about samples. Sometimes, these human beings are additionally asking for samples that don't have sufficient cash to invest even in the first shipment. If your area orders for massive volumes of products, factories will be capable of earning extra cash as they normally provide low prices. So that, the extra the project, the greater they will earn.


Therefore, you have to exhibit the notion that you are planning something massive from the start. Once you have completed discovering your dependable companies, you can ship them the following messages to play with them and get higher pricing: "Hello (company/contact), we are searching ahead to setting a preliminary order simply to check the quality. We would like to region orders for (number of units) of (product). What will be your supplied quote for this? Must preserve in mind that we are receiving lots of accurate pricing from your rivals too. But we prefer to test yours. Thank you!"


Like previously, you can take a look at that no phrase like "sample" is used above either. It is higher by no means to use that word. The phrase pattern order is replaced with "initial order" for pleasant checking out of the product. See how your language influences the sentences. By doing so, you will right away observe the producers and see how critically they take you.


It will be pleasant to area orders for around 50 or extra devices for the first time. Ordering solely for one to two-merchandise will supply them with the effect that you don't have ample money to make investments with them and in this way that they can’t make greater money.


After receiving the paint tools manufacturers’ quotes, you can now pick the best price among all and order your first round. Then you need to select the location. It could be a warehouse or maybe your home or business, send them a message asking for payment methods and also about the delivery date.


Now sit back and relax, wait for the ordered product to arrive. Meanwhile, you can work on your website, your marketing strategies, your copywriting, and all the other aspects as well.


When you get your initial order, you have to inspect at least five to ten units to check the quality level and defects. The final thing you would do is to check for damaged or flimsy products. If you are not feeling satisfied, you can contact the factory and ask them for replacements or simply go through for other factories. And how much should you pay? Expect anything from $20-$2000, depending on the complexity of your paint tools.


6 Top tips: Source Products from China

When sourcing from China, there are quite a lot of efforts and things to consider. Here are some suggestions to get you started.


1. Don’t buy the wrong paint tools when sourcing from China

When importing from China, one of the most challenging parts is sourcing the wrong product if you don’t know what product to purchase.


But before you buy anything, you must first investigate the market, products, and customers. Your budget is also one of the things you need to consider.


When looking for the wrong product, here is one thing you should avoid - knock-off products. If you think that selling counterfeit products for your e-commerce will be good for your business, in terms of profit, think twice. This will only expose your business to the risk of legal proceedings and inspections by customs officials. If you run an e-commerce business, you may be kicked out and labeled as a red flag store. Amazon and Alibaba have launched an anti-counterfeit campaign and have driven sellers out of stores.


2. Know the types of suppliers when sourcing from China

There are three types of suppliers for importing from China-manufacturers, small trading companies, and purchasing companies. Knowing which type is right for your business is crucial.


If you are a big buyer and can meet the factory’s minimum order quantity, you can purchase products directly from the manufacturer. But if you are not buying a large quantity, but looking for a wide range of related products, then a trading company is a good choice.


You can carry multiple products in your niche, and you can import a small amount of each product. Finally, you can hire a purchasing company to work with your suppliers. They are in a more advantageous position in terms of product procurement, logistics, and transportation.


3. Plan ahead

When importing products from China, time is an important consideration. Any of the above errors may cause large-scale delays and interruptions in the logistics chain, let alone two or more errors. Keeping these in mind, always start planning for the extra time to import from China.


We recommend that you start organizing your import at least four months in advance. Depending on the port and destination you are importing from China, the transit time may vary greatly. Also, remember the time required for inland transportation.


4. Quality is directly proportional to the cost

Why are buyers all over the world paying attention to the needs of Chinese suppliers? One of the main reasons is the low manufacturing cost. Even with freight and tariffs, it is still cheaper for buyers than purchasing from other places in the West. When negotiating with potential suppliers, it is helpful to remember that all manufacturers usually have a minimum price — the minimum cost required to manufacture the product.


Keep in mind that if a supplier falls below its minimum price threshold, it will impact other ways. It may manifest as a decline in the quality of raw materials or damage to workers’ wages or working conditions. It may also cause suppliers to bypass steps in the quality control process. In the long run, all of these will affect your product and your reputation and may even have legal implications.


5. Write an effective inquiry

After you have collected a list of suppliers, you want to contact these suppliers to negotiate transactions or custom requirements. You need to write effective, clear, and detailed inquiries to ensure that you get what you need.


We recommend including the following information about the source you want: Product description, specifications, package, Quantity, Photo, Other key points, such as safety, brand, etc... And the more information you include, the more likely you are to attract a seller who can meet your need, and ask some appropriate questions to help you determine whether the supplier is right for you.


When source paint tools from China, all you need to do now is go online, send out a few inquiries on the China wholesale websites, and wait for the reply! Well, at least that is the way most importers wish things worked. But, as many of you are painfully aware, the reality surrounding suppliers’ sourcing and price research are very different.


Getting the supplier’s attention is one of the main issues when a new small businesses owner sourcing products from China. But, It maybe sound ridiculous. And the buyer, should be the one fighting for attention rather than the supplier. However, Chinese suppliers do indeed have very good reasons to be somewhat picky. In this article, we will explain why Chinese suppliers don’t reply to your inquiries and how to improve that.


I am a buyer. Why should I persuade the suppliers of Chinese paint tools  to cooperate with me?” This is indeed a sensible question. However, please put yourself in the supplier’s position for a moment: Chinese suppliers are accustomed to manufacturing products according to buyer’s specifications.


This requires a serious commitment from the buyer. Suppliers listed on the e-Canton Fair and other B2B catalogs receive many inquiries every day. Like any business, they do everything they can to get out of the mess to avoid wasting time on leads that are unlikely to bring.


6. Order samples

Many suppliers have minimum order quantities (MOQs) so that buyers will not try to take advantage of wholesale prices for small orders. However, the supplier knows that you may want to see the product for yourself before buying thousands of products. Ask the seller for samples. Usually, they will sell you a product sample you want to buy at the retail price.


If the supplier does any custom or private labeling on your products, such as adding your logo or other unique designs, ordering samples is essential. Owning a physical product can help you determine whether it is suitable for your business and whether you want to invest in mass production.


Although having a good production agreement is an excellent way to start your relationship with your suppliers, regular quality control inspections are necessary so that you can ensure that the quality of your products meets your standards. This prevents costly mistakes from being made in the future. Studies have shown that late problems found in the production process are always more expensive than early problems.


Look for a professional freight forwarder to deliver your goods safely and efficiently. Similarly, you need to check the company’s certificates, experience and work history. You’d better understand the basics of this industry to decide who better to hire. Don’t be afraid to ask each of the shortlisted companies these questions and details so that you can make the right decision. The process of ensuring that you are in business with the right person can be tricky, and you should look at two main aspects. 

These are the aspects to look out for how to verify Chinese paint tools manufacturer:

#1 The paint tools supplier capacity to supply the goods or service you need.

#2 The legitimacy of the business and the business’s financial capacity, and you need to find out if the suppliers’ firm is on the verge of going broke.


There are many Chinese paint tools supplier websites and directories to find out details of their policies, backorders, damages, and returns. These are the platforms that can help you find out more about a supplier’s legitimacy.


You will find many supplier profiles on the internet, and there are B2B directories that contain all the supplier details. The renowned directories where you can find legit information include; global source, Alibaba, Hong Kong trade growth council’s, etc.


Through such directories and platforms, you can find reliable data about a supplier. The data is illustrated in reviews from other vendors. However, reviews say a lot about a supplier; you need to beware of self-promoters.


Many B2Bs are a good marketplace for verifying suppliers. Through these sources, you can tell whether a supplier is reliable or not. Through a platform like global sources, you can find out whether a supplier has a stable business.


The details to determine the stability of suppliers will be available on the platform. The data you will be looking for include suppliers’ start date in the business, brand name, number of staff, total sales, etc.


Through other search engines like Google or Bing, you may find data like the supplier’s previous trades. The trades a supplier has participated in will tell you a lot about the reputation of their company. That’s the secret to telling how reputable a Chinese supplier is before sourcing their services.


You can use it to tell the abilities of a supplier to check their booths during trade shows because they use the rental booths to invest in gaining customers. If a supplier has been attending the trade shows frequently, it means that their customer relationships are 100% earnest.


If you are wondering how to easily verify a Chinese manufacturer, the business license will save you the struggle. All Chinese manufacturers register their businesses in their government because it’s a part of the policy.


If you notice any suspicious activity on the license, the supplier may be a fake Chinese manufacturer. The business registration numbers are unique for each Chinese manufacturer, so if you notice a supplier has an average number, their business is questionable, which It would be best if you didn’t deal with a supplier who has risky or suspicious activities on their license.


They could probably be dealing in illegal businesses, and this can leave negative impacts on your business. But, if you doubt a supplier’s license, you can call the nearest administrative unit for further verification. And you can also contact a local Chinese bureau of commerce to inquire about more details of a supplier.

If you doubt a Chinese supplier’s legitimacy, you can ask for references before sourcing the Chinese manufacturer. An easy way of verifying a supplier is through references. Through suppliers’ reference letters, you can easily appraise the quality of output from their business.


Whenever you are sourcing for products, especially from online Chinese manufacturers, ensure that you have seen a sample before buying. Many disappointments come after sourcing for suppliers, and they deliver poor quality goods.


For instance, when you buy paint rollers in bulk, you need to ask for a sample that, because ofr the fabric of a garment posted online may have a different color or texture when you physically see the fabric.


Quality differs; hence, to be sure of the brand you need and your supplier’s one, you have to ensure that they are matching. Quality matters a lot as long as you are in the supply and distribution business. You have to see whether products conform to specifications before making a purchase.


When you notice that a product doesn’t conform to quality expectations, you will source your products somewhere else. A serious manufacturer will not have issues with providing you with the sample.


If a supplier acts weird after you ask for a sample, then he or she isn’t a legal supplier. As soon as you notice suspicious activities in a supplier, you should avoid doing business with them. For better verification of a supplier’s genuineness, you can ask for their audit reports to see the supplier’s stability.


Pretend to be checking the manufacturers’ audit reports and check his behavior or reaction. If you see him getting all tense, he has a lot to hide, and he is a suspicious dealer. That’s how you verify Chinese manufacturers easily.


You can mention to the Chinese manufacturer that you will conduct an audit before buying their products through an email address. If the supplier gives you lame excuses, you should take it as a red flag. The best tool to verify a supplier’s legitimacy is through a factory audit


In the International supply chains, OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing. It’s a type of contract or outsourced manufacturing. It means that the production factory can manufacture products according to the specifications and clients’ preferred designs. Producing products that conform to customer specifications.


After researching product development, conduct market research, engineering, and design uniqueness, for instance, if you have a smart glass idea that you’d like to start, you need more information, especially about the dimensions.


After all these specifications, you will need to hire a designer to create an appealing glass design. You need to analyze the demand for the products and raise the capital to start the production if it’s worth it. 


At this point, the only thing remaining for the production to start is the OEM. After coming up with a design and all product specifications, you should let an OEM handle the manufacturing processes.


From the illustration above, there are many OEMs responsibilities during manufacturing. Through OEM, the assembly and production lines ensure timely delivery, high quality, and affordable costs.


These benefits are fit, especially for people who produce large volumes of products. Suppliers attest to the positive impacts of this manufacturing process.

Some Advantages of OEM Service

With OEM, you gain full control of all your intellectual properties. You will own all intellectual property rights. You will be in a better bargaining position with your suppliers, and you can switch them easily. Your product specifications will also be protected from copyright infringements.


You can quickly get quotes from manufacturers because you will have detailed specifications and designs. However, it can be disadvantageous for small business owners because they have to provide accurate details to the manufacturer.


When choosing a production company, keep in mind that not all companies have in-house resources for production processes. They cannot afford to hire third parties; hence, the best alternative can be an ODM.


OEM Disadvantages:

Changing suppliers is not easy because you need to change the entire supply chain. Since it is not transparent about the cost of purchasing components, it isn’t easy to negotiate a slow price increase.


Since sub-suppliers are not disclosed, they may be replaced without resorting to the buyer. Material or process changes may have a serious impact on product quality. If your sales volume is high, the supplier may want to compete with you.


Why OEM Service?

Constructing a factory is a risky and costly investment in which you cannot control the risk factors. Furthermore, you need to factor in human Resources where you have to hire and manage thousands of workers. Most companies have a policy of distributing professional works to major companies to avoid such risks and inconveniences.


Companies whose primary business is on R&D outsource foundry companies to produce and assemble their products. Examples of innovative companies are Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft, and IBM. Examples of foundry companies are Foxconn, Flextronics, Pegatron…etc.


OEM Scenario one:

Your company provides all the product design-related material, drawings, specifications, and sometimes tooling design to the OEM. The OEM manufactures your product according to your design.


OEM Scenario two:

Your company is purchasing products from the manufacturer, but the manufacturing company has either developed the product themselves beforehand or acquired the rights to the product from a third party.

How to find a good paint tools manufacturer in China (The Definitive Guide)

There are many ways through which you can import your goods, products and or services from China to your country without any hustle. In fact, provided you can present all the relevant documentation and any other pieces of information needed, you will be all good to go.


In as much as importing your products to another foreign country to do business there, it can also be quite a demanding experience. For one, you need to do some extensive research on that country that you wish to export your goods to, your country, and ensure that you do appropriate preparation, have all the necessary paperwork, and plan the whole process in advance.


So that, you have weighed all of your options, and you want to know about the customs duty and taxes that are likely to be levied on your paint tools before you import them. You will be required to pay customs duty or taxes which you can do either as a private individual or as a commercial entity.


These processes simply mean that there is more to importing goods to your country than just ferrying them. You need to ensure that you have everything covered especially the documentation and regulations too. Failure to follow all or any of these laws can result in fines and penalties that you didn’t plan for.


If importing paint tools from China, you can only be 100% assured of quality if you find a good paint tools manufacturing. This is the only way you can have control over quality. However, you depend on small suppliers from China to control quality, you may be wholly disappointed. And you could end up with goods whose color don’t match your specifications. Or shape/design that is entirely different from what you ordered.


Before you work with us, you might have found several China manufacturers on the internet. However, you still think you have not got one because you can’t know which will be the right supplier for you.  You might get frustrated because you have been communicating with suppliers in China for months, but fail to move forward.


G.SB Paint Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of decorative paint tools, having 18 years-experience in researching and developing different decorative paint tools. Our corporate headquarters, located in Ronggui, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China. We now have full research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities.


We have the wide range of decorative paint tools which are used for different decorative paint. The core of our business philosophy is to serve our customers well and to help them increase their profitability. To meet our stated goal, we introduce new innovative lines to enhance our existing roller, brush and other paint tools programs. We are offering Artist paint tools, epoxy paint tools, stainless steel trowels, paint brushes, paint rollers...etc.


Our expertise in manufacturing, combined with our in-depth knowledge of artist paint, has led to many advantages for our customers around the world. Consequently, G.SB will continue to be a full-service source for superior decorative paint tools, and supports its customers through innovation, high tech engineering, quality manufacturing and service.


We have our own brand “K brand”, welcome to join "K brand" family from all over the world! And we can also provide with OEM with customer logo. We have strong R&D team here to help. Please show your design and logos to our sales team first. we will have designer team to do the packing design with your logo if you need. Customers can use their own shipping agent, but if customers don't have shipping agent, we can help on shipping and can send door to door by sea or by air. Friendly to customers who don't have import experience.


Regarding quality control, the principles are included in the Basic Quality Policy, and G.SB established the Quality Control Directive as its basic rules management to be jointly applied by all companies. While every product is intensively investigated throughout our manufacturing processes, finished products are further comprehensively checked, realizing the strictest quality control system.


The dedication of our employees, some of whom have been with G.SB almost 20 years, reflects the pride of company, proudly independent decorative paint tools manufacturer in China, it is our goal to continue our standard of excellence and commitment to our traditions as we grow alongside our customers in the years to come. So that, we offer you something more. Namely, our range is constantly expanding and adapting to your needs and desires. In addition to being of high quality and affordable prices, our products are easy to use.


The Partner Requirements of G.SB


We are in it for the long term, so well established and successful businesses make for good long- term partners;

It is much easier to successfully implement a business plan and strategy you already understand;

Existing qualified staff facilitate easier transformation and success;

Existing business premises and structures allow you to focus on your core business – Distribution and Sales.

We have the experience, capability, and R&D resources to make any OEM/OEM integration a glowing success! G.SB is an paint tools manufacturer with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable computing solutions. Our company, G.SB is not only a producer of paint tools, we also focus on the application of paint tools in the end consumer. We believe that only the applicator appreciate with the real application effect, we are successful.


Nothing beats experience – so experience counts towards a successful partnership;

Expertise in selling our kind of products;

An existing client base and successful sales track record;

Being a world class marketing and sales executive.



Most importantly we require partners with honesty, integrity and business ethics;

Partners with passion, drive, focus and commitment;

Long term goals and vision.


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